Tuesday, August 5, 2008

thrift heaven - florals

somewhere in my fair city there lives a very benevolent, wealthy, stylish woman (i like to imagine it's mimi whom i'll certainly create a post in honor of very soon) who has been giving her clothes to goodwill for me to happen upon... it's thrift heaven! 

it all started about 2 weeks ago when i found this amazing dress that i immediately attached to said woman in my head and made up many a wonderful fantasy about how i would inherit her fabulous wardrobe via thrifting. i'll tell the story in a separate post later - cause it's one of my best thrift stories yet!

so... i've been stalking the goodwill hoping they'd put more of the mystery woman's clothes out for me to snatch up with no luck.... until today. 
i found a floral blazer that is really well made and well-cut too! (the label in it is giancarlo ferrari but it doesn't mean anything to me). it's a great spring floral but i need to find some way to spruce it up and make it youthful and hip... cause i think it could just as easily slide more towards granny if i don't watch it. what should i wear it with to give it a little edge?
**suggestions please**

so here's a post of florals: the gorgeous flowers my precious "lou" gave me straight out of her very own backyard and the new blazer -don't they just meld so well - maybe i should wear the jacket with one of the flowers in my lapel!

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S said...

Oh my, it is beautiful!!
I have a blessed rack like that at my local Goodwill as well actually, isn't it wonderful? :)

I would try the blazer with white skinny jeans for a classy-but-not-old look, or a really vibrant (perhaps even printed?) miniskirt and graphic tee (or racerbank tank) for an eclectic, Luella-ish vibe. I'm certain whatever you pair it with is going to look fabulous though, such a great piece!

P.S. Thanks for the comment! And I've added you to my blog roll, hopefully that's alright?