Friday, November 28, 2008

too bad, so sad!

i have a deep and unmovable love for natalia vodianova. i am really happy being me... but if i just had to pick someone else to be i would chose her.

that being said, i saw photos of her wearing this crazy be-jeweled headband and hanging with karl lagerfeld and i wanted to:
A) be her
B) wear crazy jewels all over my head too!

so i promptly went out and hot glued big rhinestones to my black headband!

too bad it didn't make me look like her though.... tis probably for the best considering i would never get anything done because i would be too busy staring in the mirror all the time if i had that face and those legs!

(ack! roots!)

i also glued a bunch of vintage buttons to a brown headband and i really like that one too.

she works hard for her money

so hard for it honey...

i don't know what got into me but i thought i'd confess publicly that i bought 
(it's cuter on the model than on the mannequin- so click the link)

and that i really, really hope it's worth what i spent on it! it was on sale but still more than i probably needed to spend....cross your fingers it is utterly fantastic in person and on my body! cause if it's not, it's going right back!

thanksgiving's awesomeness

yesterday was wonderful and easy and memorable... the only thing i'd change was that i wish p and i'd had jet packs on to fly from one family celebration to another while getting to enjoy the most beautiful day you can imagine. seriously, it's 2008! where are the jet-packs?! the "future" looks nothing like it's supposed too! 
but i guess that's ok cause if the future did look like they predicted on the jetsons and such then i'd have taken a pill for nourishment yesterday instead of stuffing my face with the best non-turkey foods ever! yum! 

sorry for the inane details that are about to follow but i want to record my awesome childless, easy life for the record books cause lately i've been having obsessive thoughts about how i might be able to one day turn the "record room" into a nursery if need be. i dont' know what's happening in my own head anymore but i've even browsed through children's fabric over at purlsoho. don't you think that it would be an adorable nursery with either of these two fabrics to go with my orange walls?!

ok - i need to stop. p's probably going to read this and have some sort of freak out breakdown :)

we slept in yesterday and were complete and total bums for half the day - sitting on the sofa in our pj's, eating cereal, browsing the net, and watching tv - perfection for a day off of work. then we finally got dressed and went down to the park with our "baby" (the pup) and saw the bestest thing ever.... a HUGE pile of mulch in the middle of the park! i know it sounds crazy but it was like christmas day for our dog. she's a digger by nature and this thing was like her/our playground! she had SO much fun running up and down it and burying her face in it and digging and growling - i tried to capture it in some pics but you really just had to be there to see her go nuts! we laughed and smiled and took great joy in seeing her have the time of her life.

then we came back and got dressed to go to the family celebration at his mom's... where the power was mysteriously out! the whole city was without power! but luckily everything was cooked and they just had to warm things and make gravy and such... so they used the grill and the fireplace!  how resourceful!

(i would post pics of the family but i try not to put photos of people up without their permission/knowledge - they are a good looking bunch though!) there were more people there this year and everyone got more than enough to eat and everything tasted just like it had come out of the oven - nice and toasty! we all got to eat by candlelight and since there wasn't a tv on after the meal to distract everyone we all actually sat around and talked and laughed and had a really good time! i wish the power would go out every year :)

we came back home to take care of the dog and then we headed right back out to meet his cousins at the movies... but as usual we were late... and they were inside waiting for us... and by the time we got all the way out there the movie was sold out - bummer! 
instead, we rented miss pettigrew lives for a day and came home to curl up on the couch with hot tea. i thought the movie was super cute and was amazing to look at the pre-WWII fashions - i highly recommend it! there is a great scene with a lingerie fashion show and for the first 20 minutes of the movie amy adams' character runs around in the greatest peach silk robe with marabou feathered sleeves:
(after staring at amy adams for 2 hours i think i want to go back to red hair after i grow it out again - shhh, don't tell my hair guy!)

and in short, i immediately went on an internet search for vintage inspired, classy, non-whoreish lingerie like i saw in the movie... after much ick, i found these two things at victoria's secret and have put them on my christmas wish list:

plus, the set design is TO DIE FOR! i want to live in this film! (click this link to read more about the movie and to see pics of the "divine set".)
i also rented penelope to watch today while poor patrick is at work and i'm at home sewing. 

i hope everyone had a lovely thanksgiving! 

Sunday, November 23, 2008

long time, no see

yeah, sorry about the absence. our modem is acting all freaky and once we FINALLY get customer service on the phone and schedule someone to come out it mysteriously corrects itself and we cancel the appointment foolishly thinking it's gonna "stick" this time and then it happens again.... why don't we just keep the appointment you ask? well, cause they only give you a window of when they might stop by and if you aren't home then you're screwed and neither of us has exactly had FIVE HOURS of time to sit around the house waiting to see if the repair guy actually shows up. see?

sunday yoga class was super small but i think i taught one of my better classes (structure and flow-wise) and afterwards p and i shamefully managed to stuff our faces with roughly 40 times the calories we burned in class... **shakes fist in air and cries "damn you, delicious indian food**. this is getting to be a dangerously waist-expanding habit and if it weren't so freakin' good i'd make some vain attempt to at least pretend that i plan on quitting it. pretty soon my blog will be titled "plus-sized pretty"...
and i will also shamefully admit that i went to the mall... and even more shamefully, i went into F21... and most shamefully of all i purchased extremely cheap goods. i am very disappointed in myself but very excited about said "cheap goods"... black sequined hoodie, hair bows, mustard tights... i will debut them once the shame shower is over. can't we just say i'm helping to stimulate the economy or something? no?.... okay (frowns).

here's what i wore today:

yes, these last few are actually taken in the parking deck of the mall - look, pretty trees!

i felt really good about the look and four random mall-strangers made it a point to tell me to my face that they liked it too! wow! that never happens!

here's what i'm wearing:
knit cap - urban outfitters
plaid scarf - thrifted
brooks bros. button up - thrifted
herve benard blazer - thrifted
express skirt - thrifted
"betsy johnson inspired" layered necklace - made by me
stockings - DKNY
studded heels - newport news
black knit bag- thrifted

Thursday, November 13, 2008

simple suggestions

if you'll kindly refer back to this post i will give my report, which is pretty much as expected:
i got my shoes from newport news TODAY and i only ordered them on monday - WOW! that's like, zappo's fast!
i really like the studded bootie/peep-toe heels but i still wish i had them in brown. they don't look like they are really expensive but in my humble opinion, i don't think they look as cheap as they are either. i say get them.
and the satin booties are everything i'd hoped for... love them and am so glad i got them! you should get them too! (now i just have to pull together something to wear them with - that may be tough for me...)
lastly, the maryjane pumps are headed right back. the color is too "camel" for me and i don't even think they look worthy of the $30 or whatever i paid for them. oh well - 2 outta 3 ain't bad :) i'd suggest skipping them and buy these instead:

and then head over to fred flare to get this dress to go with them:

and in one last suggestion, i will advise you to rent mona lisa smile and to sit on your sofa in your jammies (preferably in the middle of the day) with a cup of tea and to soak up the awesome 50's college girl style

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

i don't wanna work - i just wanna play in the park all day

here are photos to make you jealous of the amazing fall day ellie and i enjoyed in the park with the puppy - so gorgeous!

ps - my sweater is new from the thrift and i lurve it - tis SO warm!