Monday, November 10, 2008

newport news shoes

i noticed that the gal over at fashionfillers always seems to get cool shoes at and i thought that was odd. i have vague memories of my mom getting this catalogue in the early 90's and all of the clothes being pretty sad... but i guess times are changing (or possibly their buyers and/or my style is changing) cause now they have some pretty awesome stuff... mainly shoes though, the clothes are still "if-y" if you ask me. anyway, i just got these three pair of shoes for under $100

wanted these in brown but they were out in my size so got these in black  
REALLY hoping these look more victorian and "anthropologie-esque" in person and not cheap....
feeling regret about these already - bought them out of impulse when i was denied the first pair in brown - probably return them....

i wanted these too but they didn't have them in my size. if you are anything BUT a 6 or 6.5 you can order the brown pumps or if you have a large foot and wear a 9,10, or 11 you can still get the studded black ones

here's the whole truth about how i scored 3 pair of shoes for under $100:
1) they are having a big sale and
2) i guessed a promo code and saved $25.50!!!!
i saw that she had posted a promo code on her blog a few weeks ago and i tried it but it didn't work... so i just kept going up a number (her code was 533 and i tried each # until 539) and TA-DAH! it worked!
i feel elated and also a bit like a theif... hmmm.
oh well, SHOES!!!!


oddburd said...

I am cracking up. My mom swears by newport news and other related catalogs! In fact, every time I come home, there seems to be a new catalog selling the same "if-y" clothes as all the others. But, great finds!! I love the first two especially. And you can't beat a deal like that. :)

buoy said...

you are the smartest EVER!!
i never would have thought to try out promo codes. that's amazing.

(also, tell that man of yours he should see my OTHER wine rack - nothin but sparkling cider. seriously. i'm that classy.)

back to the shoes now, i was oogling the first pair too. you have to tell me what you think when you get them! they look amazing, but i think i was having the same "newport" fear that you had, so i didn't purchase... i DID find the perfect pair of black platforms at solestruck though, and i'll post "photographic proof" asap :)


briannelee said...

You can also go to to find coupon codes for pretty much any store online. Love the shoes :)