Thursday, November 13, 2008

simple suggestions

if you'll kindly refer back to this post i will give my report, which is pretty much as expected:
i got my shoes from newport news TODAY and i only ordered them on monday - WOW! that's like, zappo's fast!
i really like the studded bootie/peep-toe heels but i still wish i had them in brown. they don't look like they are really expensive but in my humble opinion, i don't think they look as cheap as they are either. i say get them.
and the satin booties are everything i'd hoped for... love them and am so glad i got them! you should get them too! (now i just have to pull together something to wear them with - that may be tough for me...)
lastly, the maryjane pumps are headed right back. the color is too "camel" for me and i don't even think they look worthy of the $30 or whatever i paid for them. oh well - 2 outta 3 ain't bad :) i'd suggest skipping them and buy these instead:

and then head over to fred flare to get this dress to go with them:

and in one last suggestion, i will advise you to rent mona lisa smile and to sit on your sofa in your jammies (preferably in the middle of the day) with a cup of tea and to soak up the awesome 50's college girl style

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lovely dress!!
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