Tuesday, March 10, 2009

top to bottom

andy and i know a good thing when we see it:


we spent the ENTIRE day in the park this past saturday and it was amazing! my friend S was in town and brought her pup to play with scouty and they, and we, had a great time enjoying the sunshine... and some champagne! it's so so good to be on the grass on the yellow rose blanket again :)

happiest doggie ever!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

the people have spoken

this is an older outfit (as evidenced by the still platinum hair do') and it was taken in the dressing room of F21 - what can i say, i liked what i had on better than anything i tried on there so i took a snap!

i call this my "street urchin" look and i didn't "poladroid" it so that you could see it's neutral-ish details and layering. (click to enlarge as usual) you're welcome!

knit hat - UO
black leather vest - etsy
long grey cardigan - liz lange maternity at target (!)
teal dress - TJ Maxx
charcoal leg warmers - TJ Maxx
boots - Shii

hair-raising issues:

or not.
no reason to get up-in-arms, it's just a few photos of my non-platinum, slightly longer hairs.

the secret's out

i've discovered poladroid and am now completely addicted. expect more of the same for a long time to come. 

i recently bough this great skirt at the thrift and i don't know who the designer/maker is. it has this kind of watercolor southwestern/desert scene on it and i am completely in love with it! it seems really nice and has the above name stitched it to it. anyone know what it says or who it is?! (sorry it's turned sideways)

thrift scores

i'm feelin' a really boho cowgirl vibe these days... here are some of my latest thrift finds in that vein:

the great white

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


hmm, what can i say? i've been in a giant funk and thus have not posted for quite some time... but now i'm coming up for air and feeling a bit more "in tune" so i'm going to try to blog a bit more. (no promises though... i'm way too feline in nature for that!)
so what's been goin' down around town?

*well, it was sunny and warm and things started to bloom... then it snowed! 
*i resisted the powers of gossip girl for almost 2 seasons and now i am a slave - you watch more than 2 episodes and something happens to your brain! i swear, if scientists researched this i am sure they would liken the effects to that of very hard drugs - so addictive! 
* shocker: i am no longer a platinum blonde! it's now a bit more strawberry blonde/light brown...
* bigger shocker: i am trying my BEST to grow it out. for real this time.
* biggest shocker: i have thrifted some pretty awesome stuff lately - i will share with you soon!
* and finally the cherry on top:
drumroll please........

I AM GOING TO ARGENTINA IN 11 DAYS!!! my beloved won a trip for being awesome at his job and so we get to go on an all expenses paid trip to mendoza for a week :) we are being put up in a five star hotel and the exchange rate means that i get to have a massage, manicure and pedicure all for under $50 USD... oh, and our itinerary consists of visiting wineries during the day and sipping champagne poolside all afternoon and then going out to fancy dinners and flamenco dancing at night- eeeeeek! about to pee my pants just thinking about it :) :) :) :)

photos soon... like as soon as poladroid stops with the spinning beachball of death thing....

** wow. i just posted this and then went back to look at it on the page and realized i said most of this in my last post - oh well. i'm still stoked! **