Thursday, September 25, 2008

sorry guys!

we are trying to move and everything is in upheaval- no Internet in the inbetween :(
Wish us luck that come Monday we'll be a bit more settled and I'll be back on blogging track :)

Monday, September 22, 2008


so i used one of those name generator thingys to find out my posh hollywood name and it's
 garnet delilah wolfe-jones

ha! ha! ha!
you can address me as such from now on :)

good day / bad day / same day

yesterday was the most perfect day i could hope for right up til about 9:30pm...
we slept in and then i taught my yoga class (p was in attendance) and it was a super one if i do say so myself - good music, good people, good vibe.
then we came home and chilled before meeting a friend at whole foods for an excellent sushi lunch. we ate so well and had such a good time that we were on a "food-high" and after we stopped by home for the puppy and a bottle of champagne we all traveled down to the park to enjoy what was a truly gorgeous day... some frisbee, some relaxation, and lots of cool breezes and sunshine! oh, and i found a pair of shoes in my closet i forgot i owned! 
after that we decided to cook some FABULOUS fake roast (vegan-syle) to eat with baked potatoes, corn salad, and asparagus - YUM! 
but then things got a little bummer for me.... downhill we go. i've had a terrible headache and crick in my neck since i spent 9 nights in an unfamiliar bed while housesitting (and one of those nights camping out in the backyard!) and then going back to my bed just threw me all out of whack... and i guess it was a combo of the bummer of watching sicko by michael moore (which made me want to move to france asap) and the way i sat for 2 hours with my head turned funny to see the screen, but i got the WORST neck ache ever. so bad it made me have another headache and on top of it i got all freaked out about being denied healthcare for the rest of my life - ack! can you say anxiety?!

so i'm posting these pics to bring back the memories of the good parts of yesterday - my neck is feeling better and i'm trying to turn my frown upside down!

i actually managed to throw the frisbee right to him AND take the pic at the same time! 

jumper - first thing i ever sewed!
tee- jcrew
shoes - F21

Saturday, September 20, 2008

marc-esque purse

i found this purse at the thrift for three bucks - it has a vanity mirror inside like my other purse mentioned in this post and, tell me if i'm wrong, but doesn't it look like it could possibly be marc jacobs? 

it would go so perfectly with these shoes 
(which are, BTW, navy even though they don't appear so here):

the stylish wanderer has them and i am insanely jealous! maybe a miracle will happen next time i thrift and i will miraculously find some... daydreams are nice.

in the first photo, ALL ITEMS ARE THRIFTED AND COST LESS THAN $3 each!
finally, 100% thrifted :)
(including the gold belt and bow necklace you can't see)

Thursday, September 18, 2008


wallpapers by cole & son for my new apartment:

stuff from anthropologie for my legs/feet:

sorry these are so small - click to enlarge

and i know it's INSANELY CREEPY, but i am bizarrely infatuated with georgian hair jewelry and would love to own these two pieces from my favorite jewelry site

yes, the drops are woven of actual human hair! crazy talk!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

one foot in front of the other

here's the debut of my new favorite skirt:

it's an almost flannel type of material which makes it super soft and cuddly and i think it has the most adorable print ever! roses and plaid bows - it's like christmas-y but not! 
i took the above photos in what will be our new (TEENSY TINY) apartment beginning next week. i snuck into it today to take a few measurements and to once more slap my hand on my forehead and declare "we have lost our minds!" - no joke. it's less than half the size of our current space but also about half the rent... alas, we are trying to save for the future and that means that right now we have to make a few sacrifices... sacrifices named "meg's sewing room" and "meg's private bathroom slash make-up haven" 
p is very anxious for me to go ahead and paint over the brick-like color you see behind me in the pic taken in the mirror but i think i am going to have to live in there a while and arrange furniture and stuff about 8 billion different ways before i can even see a clear design route... tis going to be a long road to travel but i'm happy to have my friends over at to guide me with their inspirational pics! 
so, to clear my head of the overwhelming feelings of anxiety i got looking at the size of my new living room, i took puppy on down to the park for enjoy the most beautiful day your heart could ever desire:

i had good intentions to start what must surely be the most awesome book in existence 
(thanks suz!) 

but i got too slap happy taking pics of it and watching my dog run to actually read a word... other than the teaser below, which i'm hoping if you click to enlarge you can actually read:

it's going to be so juicy i'll have to wear a bib!

red polka dot shirt,  green sweater, and headband - F21
new skirt - thrift
socks -
red heels - payless

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

i almost forgot:

i'm officially BACK!!! 
hooray - my life is mine again :)
can't wait to catch up on all of my blog reading and comment writing!

they call me the lunch lady

i began taking photos outside today (as usual) but was disappointed with the results. while the ray of light that i found myself standing in did make me look a bit like an "earth angel", it also didn't show off my shirt:
behold my ethereal glow!

so, hearing the oven timer (tis quite literally a "lunchtime look" today!) i moved my party inside.... and by party i mean me, my camera, tripod and good mood. 
here are the results:

i LOVE this oversized change purse!

i rather like dressing in themes. i've always appreciated a look with a follow-through. this one reminds me of how awesome it was to have a mom who let me wear what i wanted to school even though sometimes the school officials didn't agree with how i looked. 
i once wore a black babydoll dress with a little white peterpan collar that was practically short enough to see my butt with white thigh highs and black mary janes to mimick courtney love - my best friend kevin was my kurt cobain and the apple of my eye. well, little did i know exactly what an "impression" my little outfit was making on the teenage boys because i got called to the principal's office to change and the thigh highs got banned and in years since i've had more than one of those boys mention that very outfit to me. 
oh well, causing a bit of a scene is what fashion is all about, no?
that and having fun!
ruffle collared shirt - off fifth (saks 5th ave clearance store)
suspendered skirt & knee highs - thrift
heels - BCBG girls
headband - target

Sunday, September 14, 2008

i'm a good looking stupid girl

this is what i wore to my BF's "stock the bar" wedding shower friday night:

vintage dress, gold skinny belt, and red purse - thrifted
red heels - payless
drunk face - me

um, yeah - it's painfully obvious that i helped both stock and drain the bar that night.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

everything i do, i do it for you

okay my lovelies - 
i came home in the middle of the day today *just* so i could make a post for you all :) okay - not entirely true - but close!
i bought this cool a-lined patterned dress for 2 bucks at the thrift and decided i would play around with a few different ideas of how to style it. it's pretty long and i think it makes me look stumpy when not belted so i may hem it quite a bit - opinions?! these looks aren't exactly edited but more of a sharing of "the process" - enjoy!

my new owl necklace (.75 cents at thrift) is getting me MAD complements!

i thrifted this FAUX fur vest the other day and can't wait for it to actually get cold out!

running out of time to say where stuff is from but most of it's thrifted - comment with questions if you need specifics!

oh, and i'll try to get another post in this weekend of what i wear friday night to a "stock the bar" party for my bestie who's about to be A BRIDE!