Tuesday, September 16, 2008

they call me the lunch lady

i began taking photos outside today (as usual) but was disappointed with the results. while the ray of light that i found myself standing in did make me look a bit like an "earth angel", it also didn't show off my shirt:
behold my ethereal glow!

so, hearing the oven timer (tis quite literally a "lunchtime look" today!) i moved my party inside.... and by party i mean me, my camera, tripod and good mood. 
here are the results:

i LOVE this oversized change purse!

i rather like dressing in themes. i've always appreciated a look with a follow-through. this one reminds me of how awesome it was to have a mom who let me wear what i wanted to school even though sometimes the school officials didn't agree with how i looked. 
i once wore a black babydoll dress with a little white peterpan collar that was practically short enough to see my butt with white thigh highs and black mary janes to mimick courtney love - my best friend kevin was my kurt cobain and the apple of my eye. well, little did i know exactly what an "impression" my little outfit was making on the teenage boys because i got called to the principal's office to change and the thigh highs got banned and in years since i've had more than one of those boys mention that very outfit to me. 
oh well, causing a bit of a scene is what fashion is all about, no?
that and having fun!
ruffle collared shirt - off fifth (saks 5th ave clearance store)
suspendered skirt & knee highs - thrift
heels - BCBG girls
headband - target


Doriz Jeltzin said...
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The Stylish Wanderer said...

Lovely little bag.

Id love to be your pocket pal, if I was to 2 inches tall that is, we would go on all sorts of adventures.

If only.

Missa said...

Can I just tell you that I LOVE that you got thigh highs banned from your school.

You are too cute and I am quite envious of both the suspendered skirt and the oversized change purse! The picture with the oven mitt and the spatula... priceless :)

S said...

Wicked cool pictures and I ADORE EVERYTHING you're wearing!

a cat of impossible colour said...

I am lost in admiration that you managed to get an outfit banned at school. Well played, fashion maven - well played. :)

Hailey @ stylesymmetry.com said...

You sure are a Cher girl here, love that combo by the way. Your blog continues to be inspirational.

crispybenfranklin said...

That outfit is adorable! Getting an article of clothing banned is pretty impressive, I must say.

Isabel said...

I think you look completely fantastic here - I just wish the pics were a little bigger!