Wednesday, September 3, 2008

a few notes on the last post:

here's the low-down on the items worn in my last post - just FYI!
(items listed as they appear in pics from top to bottom... pretty much)
  • the standout coat (navy with traffic-cone orange piping inside) is from armani exchange
  • the lace feminine blouse is from banana republic and i attached a butterfly broach from some department store to the neck closure
  • the shoes are BCBG
  • the orange pencil skirt, wide leather belt ("vintage" ralph lauren) and gold clutch are all thrifted
  • the black dress (which is all sparkle-y like the fabric has glitter in it - tres 80's) is thrifted
  • the statement necklace (unraveling braided chain) is from tj maxx
  • the booties are from payless
  • the green statement necklace is from banana republic
  • the grey sweater, grey & gold belt, and pop of plaid pencil skirt are all thrifted
  • the oxford-ish lace-up heels are from tj maxx
  • the sheath and black clutch are thrifted 
  • the black tights are target
  • the black heels are from tj maxx
  • the short jacket and brown shoes are thrifted
  • the striped tee is jcrew
  • the leopard soft satchel is michael kors
  • the tuxedo feminine blouse is forever21
  • the gold studded belt is thrifted
  • the pop of plaid pencil skirt (second one) is also thrifted
  • fishnets are from nordstrom
  • blue and black patent heels are payless
  • the knit hat and menswear vest are forever21
  • the cream blouse, cream clutch and flower broach are all thrifted 
  • the grey trousers are gap (worn with red shoes from payless i've posted before)


Missa said...

Yes! The shoes fit! I will admit that they are the tiniest bit snug but just so beautiful that I don't even care and I'm sure they'll stretch a little. I will definitely wear them. I am SO in love with the color and the suede is like buttah :) Thank you again for them!

You know I was noticing from this post that your thrifted pieces appear of such high quality that it would be hard to guess which items were thrifted. You definitely have an eye for lovely quality pieces, my new shoesies being a case in point :D

PS - My daughter has decided your bracelet is the best thing ever. I took it off so she could hold it tonight and she wouldn't give it back, she crawled around clutching it and would stop and hold it up while jingling it and just start laughing. It was SO cute, so thankyou for that too!

Savvy Mode SG said...

i heart your picks. they are all wardrobe basics a gal need to have in her closet to mix and match. very savvy.

Sunniva said...

Thank you for the the birthday post idea, such a original and fun idea :D

I just love the blouse and pencil skirt gorgeous!


MR style said...

it's cool that your doin a post like that

Missa said...

Yay, I'm so glad you got the package, that was quick! I'm even more glad that you liked what I thrifted for you!

I've decided that my dream job would be to put together personalized thrift packages for people. How do I make this happen... hmm ;) It really is a lot of fun for me and as you can see I get into decorating the boxes too :)

Isn't that lil' purse the cutest?! If only you could fit more than some cash and a chapstick in it, also I have recently discovered the wonders of shoe bows myself, so I was excited to find those lil' vintage ones for $1 each to pass on the joy :D