Sunday, September 14, 2008

i'm a good looking stupid girl

this is what i wore to my BF's "stock the bar" wedding shower friday night:

vintage dress, gold skinny belt, and red purse - thrifted
red heels - payless
drunk face - me

um, yeah - it's painfully obvious that i helped both stock and drain the bar that night.


trendology said...

I really like your dress- it's so pretty!

S said...

You are so pretty! I love the photos against the green wall - very striking with your hair and that wonderful dress.
Stocking AND draining - sounds like a fun night altogether if you ask me :)

buoy said...

can i nominate this for "best post title of the year?"
i'm a bit jealous that i can't steal it.

Kat said...

that dress is frickin amazing!!!

Dennise said...

lady you are gorgeous, that dress is magnificent!