Saturday, September 20, 2008

marc-esque purse

i found this purse at the thrift for three bucks - it has a vanity mirror inside like my other purse mentioned in this post and, tell me if i'm wrong, but doesn't it look like it could possibly be marc jacobs? 

it would go so perfectly with these shoes 
(which are, BTW, navy even though they don't appear so here):

the stylish wanderer has them and i am insanely jealous! maybe a miracle will happen next time i thrift and i will miraculously find some... daydreams are nice.

in the first photo, ALL ITEMS ARE THRIFTED AND COST LESS THAN $3 each!
finally, 100% thrifted :)
(including the gold belt and bow necklace you can't see)


The Clothes Horse said...

That bag is lovely and so are the shoes! Bags are nice to find when thrifting b/c they're always the right size...all the best shoes seem too small for me. Vintage ladies has such tiny feet!

The Stylish Wanderer said...

I love that bag of yours.

Guess what? When I bought my MJ heels, my aunt (who is an insane vintage collector) pulled me aside and showed my 3 IDENTICAL PAIRS of my same shoes... except they were the REAL VINTAGE DEAL (and actually 2 sizes too small).

So, you may get lucky one day. Ive crossed my fingers for you.

Hailey @ said...

Love the swirls of different shades of blue in your look here.

S said...

WOW, I adore this bag of yours! And yes, it would go divinely with the shoes. If I ever magically find them in your size you can be sure I'll send them over!

P.S. E-mail me with your address info - I found a few things that I'm dying to send you over :)

Missa said...

That is one awesome bag and you're right it would be amazing with those shoes! What is your shoe size by the way?