Tuesday, September 2, 2008


i am continually surprised by how many wonderful people visit this little blog o' mine. i really, truly appreciate each comment that you all take the time to write. i really enjoy getting your feedback and every time i receive a comment from you guys it's like a friend has stopped by :)
i wish that my life was arranged so that i could do an outfit post daily but it's just not possible... in fact, maybe you all should know that i teach yoga for a living and that almost all day everyday i wear workout clothes... not very adventurous or stylish. but each of the blogs i visit keeps the fashionista in me alive and because i know that someone out there is checking in via this blog i try! i love visiting my favorite fashion blogs and especially seeing how "real" people put together their looks... so i try to reciprocate even if it means i change out of my work clothes and into an outfit just to post it during lunch before i put the workout clothes back on! 

that's exactly what i did today:

man, i don't want a desk job... but i DO kinda wish i could know what it's like to put together a fashionable outfit and actually get to wear it and show it off all day!
details of today's "lunch break look":
heart-shaped glasses: F21
floral dress and tights: target
red heels: payless
ring: tj maxx
bag: thrifted


S said...

Oh my goodness you look insanely great in this! The pink (floral) dress with the pink tights reminds me very much of the recent Givenchy collection, but BETTER and more wearable. You truly look amazing, and I love this :)

P.S. I would give anything to not have to go to my desk job every day!

Wendy said...

Those shoes and the lolita sunglasses are so cute!

The Stylish Wanderer said...

amazing heels and i like the sunglasses

The Stylish Wanderer said...


Cara Mia said...

those glasses and ring are insane!

The Paper Doll said...

Those little red shoes are just the most cutest shoes!!! Love them.


AMAZING shoes! love love the heart sunnies! so cute.


The Clothes Horse said...

Great tights and shoe combination. You might not be able to dress stylish for work in yoga, but you don't get a bangin' bod from a desk job! ^_^

Missa said...

Yay! I got your package today! I love the bracelet, it's wonderful and those shoes!!! My gosh they're gorgeous! Thankyou so so much Meg!

I also finally got yours in the mail today, I hope you like it :)

This outfit is incredibly adorable, I love the pink tights with the red shoes!
Also, very cool that you are a yoga instructor. Yoga is the only type of workout I've ever been able to get into other than walking.

a cat of impossible colour said...

I love the pink tights with the floral dress, and the pop of yellow in the ring is perfect! :)

Yeah, I have the same vague longings occasionally to have a job where people can see what I'm wearing ... but then I think, yay, working from home is awesome! :)

Hailey @ stylesymmetry.com said...

Ohhh, I am so trying the pink tights red shoes combo, lovely. I am hooked on yoga, 3x a week and it's still not enough for me. It's really changed my life, I'm so glad you are out there teaching.