Wednesday, September 3, 2008

ten things

i used to work at nordstrom and i LOVE LOVE LOVE that store - i won't go into it all here, but if you want to work in retail and you want a company that treats its employees right (awesome benefits) then go there. 
anyway, i always love their ads and i think they have a really sharp team of buyers who do an excellent job of getting the shopping trends right on the mark. right now their website has a feature called "ten things to evolve your style right now" (check it out). i decided to do an impromptu photo shoot (like, very quickly - no ironing or attention to detail) to show off just some of the things i found that fit into these categories while shopping my own closet. i really need to cut down on the spending so i'm trying to focus on what i ALREADY own that i can use! 

the "ten things to evolve you style right now" were:
1- the standout coat
2-the feminine blouse
3-the pencil skirt
4-the trouser
5-the statement necklace
6-the sheath
7-the short jacket
8-the soft satchel
9-a pop of plaid 
10-the bootie

so here are some examples - some of the items appear more than once in different variations!

the standout coat
the standout coat, the feminine blouse, the pencil skirt
the feminine blouse, the pencil skirt
the statement necklace, the bootie
the statement necklace, a pop of plaid, pencil skirt
detail of the statement necklace
the sheath
the short jacket, the soft satchel
the feminine blouse, the pencil skirt, a pop of plaid
the trouser


Missa said...

Awesome post, so nicely done. I love how you demonstrated the suggestions! All of these looks are so lovely and polished, very stylish and chic you are! I think the trouser one is my favorite, I tell ya, I'm a sucker for a girl in a knit hat!

Thanks for reminding that I am in dire need of a pencil skirt and some plaid! Also, thanks again for your wonderful package, you made my day!

S said...

Ahhh I love this post and all of the looks! You are looking more fabulous than ever :) My favourite has to be the LBD with the statement necklaces, though you look amazing and lovely in all of them. Great job!

Paul Pincus said...

this was truly excellent!

the statement necklace would look fantastic on my sister lily. i'm forwarding the image to her.


Mel said...

just amazing!very creative and helpful ideas!i agree to everything you posted!keep it up

Hailey @ said...

oh you are granny chic indeed (saw your comment on TVS). I'm excited to read your archives. :-)

Hailey @ said...

The funny thing is I usually never read thru comments (I should) but I thought, whoever else says granny chic I want to check them out. :-) Love love butterfly pins, may be the same as mine here:

And yes, will add you to the blogroll now :-)

The Clothes Horse said...

Great outfits. I especially like: short jacket, soft satchel look.

Kat said...

You look so adorable. Than kyou for your lovely comment as well!! Adding you to my list.

CoutureCarrie said...

That coat is exquisite!!