Monday, September 22, 2008

good day / bad day / same day

yesterday was the most perfect day i could hope for right up til about 9:30pm...
we slept in and then i taught my yoga class (p was in attendance) and it was a super one if i do say so myself - good music, good people, good vibe.
then we came home and chilled before meeting a friend at whole foods for an excellent sushi lunch. we ate so well and had such a good time that we were on a "food-high" and after we stopped by home for the puppy and a bottle of champagne we all traveled down to the park to enjoy what was a truly gorgeous day... some frisbee, some relaxation, and lots of cool breezes and sunshine! oh, and i found a pair of shoes in my closet i forgot i owned! 
after that we decided to cook some FABULOUS fake roast (vegan-syle) to eat with baked potatoes, corn salad, and asparagus - YUM! 
but then things got a little bummer for me.... downhill we go. i've had a terrible headache and crick in my neck since i spent 9 nights in an unfamiliar bed while housesitting (and one of those nights camping out in the backyard!) and then going back to my bed just threw me all out of whack... and i guess it was a combo of the bummer of watching sicko by michael moore (which made me want to move to france asap) and the way i sat for 2 hours with my head turned funny to see the screen, but i got the WORST neck ache ever. so bad it made me have another headache and on top of it i got all freaked out about being denied healthcare for the rest of my life - ack! can you say anxiety?!

so i'm posting these pics to bring back the memories of the good parts of yesterday - my neck is feeling better and i'm trying to turn my frown upside down!

i actually managed to throw the frisbee right to him AND take the pic at the same time! 

jumper - first thing i ever sewed!
tee- jcrew
shoes - F21


thefashionmaven said...

oh, yeah, nobody told me my dress was unzipped all day! thanks guys!

Joanna Goddard said...

you are adorable!

Joanna Goddard said...

hi my dear! this is my email: joanna_goddard (at) xoxo


ur shoes! i love

Mimi said...

Your outfit is awesome.Wow the jumper is to die for.You did a very good job

Miss V. said...

awww there's nothing worse than neckache! wicked shoes by the way :)

p.s. it's cool that you teach yoga!

Meg said...

My top peeve is having a glorious day canceled out. I hope you are filled with warm feelings again by now.

Also i'll send you a courtesy wildlife card! Email me with your address at

Cammila said...

Oh what a bummer! I'm so sorry you got to feeling icky -- at least you looked fabulous at your wonderful picnic!

S said...

Can't believe I haven't commented on this yet...argh I've been so busy I'm losing my mind I think :P
You and your boy and ADORABLE, these photos are so cute I can't stand it! Looks like a wonderful day in the park, and I sincerely hope your neckache has gone away by now!
P.S. You look divine in that dress!

Missa said...

Sounds like an amazing day, sorry it ended in neck pain :( Hope you've healed!

I know what you mean, that movie freaked me out too.

Adorable jumper!

buoy said...

you poor thing! those head/neck aches are the WORST. i've found that this helps: heating pad, advil, a gallon of water and a towel rolled up and placed under your back along your spine, so the top half of your body hangs down over it and stretches all the cramping muscles.
(yes, i have it down to a science. i broke both my tail bone AND my back in two separate accidents before i was 19, so it's actually a science of survival...)
if those things don't work, i suggest finding a hilariously blunt acupuncturist who forces you to come in on a regular basis AND also take qi gong classes at ungodly hours of the morning.

also, i'm in a deep and serious love with your jumper.