Friday, September 5, 2008

this is for my homies

i am blessed with unbelievable friends. period. 
the thrift swaps thus far with buoy and thriftcandy have been SO much fun! i am sincere when i say that they have brightened my days, not just because i have received *amazing* surprise packages in the mail but because i've made friends with some ladies who are so nice and kind and stylish to boot... and who wouldn't love having more of that in their life?! 
i would look ridiculous if i put on all of the things that i've received from those two ladies (who more than outdid themselves, btw) so today i just chose a few things to show off the fruits of their labor so to speak. my bestie was nice enough (as she always is) to snap a few pics of me donning a few items from the swaps outside whole foods after our lunch date! she didn't even mind the searing heat or the stares of strangers - she rules! yay "bestie lou"! 
*you gals should look forward to seeing her make her debut on this blog in the near future - she's a living doll!*

thirftcandy sent me the gold brocade jacket, the adorable little woven box purse, and the ever cool three (movable) fishies necklace!
buoy sent me the hot-ass shoes!
tank is old navy, skirt is thrifted, best friend is mine and you can't have her!


thefashionmaven said...

i'm commenting myself to say:
"dude - fix that dennis the menace hair of yours and stop already with that smug-looking smile. ugh!"

S said...

ahh you look wonderful! And your smile is not smug at all by the way :)
Can't wait to send you the booties and more (I've found some stuff that I was just like 'ooh that is SO Meg')! Hope you're having a wicked good Friday and have an even better weekend xox
P.S. I know what you mean about iPhones and replying to e-mails - will be responding soon I promise
P.P.S. I honestly can't wait to see what you do with that tag!

Missa said...

Oh, I'm SO pleased to see that CLEARLY I found the proper home for these poor orphaned gems!

I love how you incorporated them into this perfectly styled outfit, seriously, it's all perfect! Those shoes are amazing too! Hugs lovely girl!

Cammila said...

You're so silly -- you smile is adorable!

Those shoes are delicious!

styledigger said...

Amazing necklace! It suits perfect to the rest of your outfit.

Savvy Mode SG said...

you look cute. we should all have a best friend to swap goodies with. lucky for me, my bf for goodies is my sister.