Tuesday, December 16, 2008

um... yeah....

so that red sofa lives with me now....

well, to be more precise - the red sofa belongs to me, but lives with ellie because i can't possibly fit another sofa in my tiny apartment.

it was still there... and ON SALE.. so i got it for next to nothing.....

i have a problem.
anyone know of a good "compulsive furniture buyers anonymous" meeting i can attend asap?

Sunday, December 14, 2008

we'll see....

i really truly never bought stuff online until recently and now i'm addicted. getting packages is so amazingly fun! 
i ordered these boots (in ivory) from victoria's secret and they will either add a totally mod note to some of my dresses which will look uber cool and daring or they will look utterly ridiculous and i will send them right back... 

new stuff (parenthesis)

here are some photos we took at the abandoned mansion across the street. i'm wearing my new sweater coat (thrifted for $10) over a dress i made (but you can't see here), electric blue tights (which makes me fond for THIS - i heart debbie gibson!), and F21 shoes and hairbows (look! my hair is kinda growing out!), and i'm carrying my new picnic purse (thrifted for $3- it is a bit more carry-able and not as large as my other one).

don't know if this place has some weird energy or if it's p's photo skills at work, but all of the pics are blurry and there's one that looks like i'm surrounded by a haze (or that we have an effect on the camera - and we DON'T) - weird!
we are about to curl up on the couch to watch amelie! hope your week and weekend were wonderful - i'm going to try to post again before next saturday so stay tuned!

this one was at the entrance to a weird basement entrance at the back of the house that's creepy - no filter on the camera.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

the one that got away... maybe.

i freaked yesterday when i found this sofa at the thrift for just $75. i was ready to load it up and take it home immediately except it wouldn't fit in my car and the store was closing soon.
i was determined and my mind was a fury of thoughts... and then i really sat on it and inspected it and it turns out the "guts" of the sofa were falling out from underneath like 10 fat kids had jumped on it and ruined it.
so i left it...
and now i want it.
despite the fact that i have a sofa... and another in storage...
i want it.
it's totally possible it's still there. i mean it was late on saturday and they were closed today so if i went early monday it could still be there....
i wonder how much getting the guts put back in would really cost. more or less than getting the one in my living room re-upholstered?
hmmmm... if you have advice feel free to comment.

electric granny land

the title of this post is how p has taken to describing my me and my style... something to do with the allusion to electric lady land studios, the time i electrocuted myself with a thrift store lamp and lost feeling in my pointer finger, my general thriftiness, and love for handmade and vintage things....

so for your viewing pleasure, and to further prove he's right on the money with the above description, i now reveal the granny vest i purchased for $3.50 and am currently having a strange love affair with. (you either love it or hate it... i can see both sides.)

but let me tell you, i'm not the only one who loves this thing - i was paraded around hancock fabrics by an employee who wanted everyone who worked there to admire it as well! they all had such sad faces when i admitted i didn't make it myself that i'm tempted to lie from here on out and say i did!
i didn't get quite the same reception when i later wore it to saks... guess it's not posh enough... snobs, they don't know how much fun they're missing!

(oh, and last night i actually wore something almost "rocker-ish" and i didn't take a pic - S at modern guilt would've been so proud! i'll try to re-wear it and provide photographic proof that i can wear more than granny looks soon!)

Saturday, December 6, 2008

aw geez! thanks!


i just received this award from miss M over at thrift candy
i feel so special!


terrible how it's gotten to be a once-a-week (saturday) post kind of a thingy around these parts but i'm going on the idea that:
1) somethin's better than nothin'
2) "A" is for effort
3) it's better late than never

i returned the coat from jcrew - it just didn't WOW me and for that price i really needed it to in order to justify the purchase, you know? in return though, i stopped by anthro yesterday and found this beaut on sale for just $70:

and since i've been wearing it i've recieved about 30 compliments! it's not very warm at all but it's almost constructed like a dress and has the loveliest details... 

the orange stitching goes great with my vintage orange gloves :)

this is a look a wore last weekend but neglected to photograph. we had a baby shower/brunch to attend at 11am and as i am tearing through my closet trying to put together something to wear at 10:45am p looked at me in complete desperation and confusion and said "can't you just wear an outfit that you've worn before and liked?!".... well, i guess i can. 

i thrifted this top months and months ago and never wore it until last weekend - i love it's fluttery sleeves and bow tie. 

after the shower we went to a craft bazaar which was a bit of a let-down for me personally seeing as how i was looking for a few gifts and most of the items were more expensive and not something i'd easily pick out for someone who isn't me.... thus i bought myself the following presents:
these chandeliers are super heavy but SO worth it!
now i'm in a funk because i really need to stop the spending (especially on myself) but all i want to do right now is go to the thrift! what to do? what to do?

details of outfit from above:
knit hat - H&M
vintage top - thrifted
mini - gap (had it for about 5 yrs and was 9 bucks!)
tights - thrifted (but new not used - ew.)
boots - gift from ellie (thrifted)
ring - F21
if i were to guesstimate the outfit total i would say = $25
can you tell i'm trying to justify going shopping again?!

Monday, December 1, 2008

surreal saturday

it was oddly foggy and cold and wet... it was an awesome day for comfy menswear, lunch with ellie, a quick thrift run and a walk through the park... our usual saturday!

what i wore:

i cannot stop wearing these shoes - well worth the $30!

what i bought:

i love the old ones with the vanity mirror inside!

changed into these for the walk:

ah, nature:

trees like traffic lights!

when you're with me, you must pose with a giant leaf covering your face.

my turn!

my "penelope"-inspired shot. 
(it was a pretty cute movie! it's worth it to drool over james mc avoy for 2 hrs. anyway!)
outfit details:
knit hat - H&M
plaid scarf - thrifted
ivory bouse - thrifted
sweater - jcrew
cropped trousers - thrifted
studded heels - newport news
oxfords - thrifted