Thursday, October 9, 2008

record room

here is the room previously mentioned (supposed to be a dining room) that was a brick color and now is BRILLIANT (no-name) ORANGE - my favorite color in the known spectrum!
i decided to make it a record room for my love whose record collection was given NO respect in our old place and who really needs a spot in our home that feels like it's "his" since everything else happens to be mine - i mean, of course i get the huge closet while he gets the dinky one... have you seen my shoe collection?! eventually it will have all stark white furniture with a white shag rug and throw pillows to laze about and listen to music. 
anyhoo, i'm not ready to do the full room reveal but here's a snippet - and my awesome thrift store headphones that make me feel like miss penny lane in almost famous :)

also featured are the boots my ellie surprised me with from the thrift! yay - free boots!


S said...

Okay, you are officially like the coolest AND cutest girl ever. I want your orange record room - my records don't have a home either!! And I'm SO getting that cabinet (Ikea Expedit, yes?) for my apartment now. I also want your headphones, like a lot, though I don't think I would look quite as charming in them as you do!

Hailey @ said...

Oh I love your room!!

buoy said...

that orange is amazing! orange is my favorite color too :)

you in those headphones is the cutest thing ever. i was in a cranky mood until i saw those pictures. thank you!

Missa said...

Your orange walls are delicious and those boots are super duper cute!

I dressed up as Penny Lane for Halloween one year. Spent way too much time going at my then shorter hair with a small curling iron, but the costume was pretty convincing in the end, wish I had pictures!

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