Sunday, October 26, 2008

stop! story time!

My-my-my-my stories hit me so hard makes me say Oh my Lord
Thank you for blessing me with a mind to tell two stupid stories
It feels good when you know you're down
A superdope homegirl from the 'Hamtown
And I'm known as such
And this is a blog uh u can't touch

as I took my pup out for a bathroom break at 5:15am my still-asleep mind wandered to both mc hammer's "can't touch this" and two things I wanted to blog about but hadn't gotten around to yet... thus, the above maddness was born. isn't the mind (or maybe just mine) so weird in that in-between state...

it's not my forte but I'll try to make this short:

the first thing was a very odd encounter p and i had at dinner the other night. he had a wine tasting at a very nice restaurant and as a thank you they always give him a free meal afterwards - he's always a little sad that he's left sitting at the bar eating a wonderful meal all by himself and i'm always jealous that i am home alone eating something far less gourmet by myself. so when my evening client cancelled i decided i'd run home and get all dressed up and go meet him for dinner at the restaurant :) yay! well, i was going to be pressed for time and didn't want him to order without me or somehow miss him altogether so i ran home and threw on something i knew i would like to wear and something i know he has said he likes too. this (from this post):

but i added some dark, patterned tights and a cute coat.
i had to park about a block and a half away because i forgot they share a valet with the restaurant next door and i could use it. i tried to call p to come and walk me from my car to the restaurant because i didn't want to walk alone but he was wrapping up his talk with the owner/chef/manager and was unreachable... so i walked alone and tried to appear confident and tough. well apparently my strategy of looking non-muggable (by keeping my head up and staring people in the eye as they drove and walked by) paired with my short skirt and heels, gave the wrong impression to a certain fellow who slowed down as he drove past me to stare. i noted it but was in sight and ear-shot of the valet dudes (duh, valet!) by then so i felt secure.
i surprised p and we sat down at the bar and ordered drinks and apps and a few minutes later THE STARING DUDE breezes in and sits down on the stool next to me so i'm sandwiched between him & p! he was right there so i couldn't tell p about him staring and at that point i didn't want to be presumptuous. he ordered a drink and i just kept turning my back to him and talking to p (all the while giving physical clues we were together - touching and talking super close and looking lovey, etc) but the dude just kept staring!
finally he engages my very congenial boyfriend in conversation about the restaurant and they begin talking over me which (he thinks) gives him a good reason to lean over me and get closer - uncool. so i start scooting close to p and giving crazy eyes - he doesn't get it at all and keeps on chatting away! THEN, the conversataion goes something like this:

dude (d): so are you guys on a first date?
us: no.
d: oh so you're together, together.
us: yes!
d: like for how long?
p: headed towards 4 years now.
d: you aren't married yet?
p: not yet.
d: but you get along? you gonna stay together? you aren't thinking about splitting up at all?
us: no!
d: oh..... (to p's face) you know she's too hot for you right?
*here's where my bf's unbelievable niceness shines through and he doesn't get mad at all he just answers "oh, yeah, i know!"*
d: alright, as long as you know. you better hold onto her cause if you don't someone else will.

and he pays his tab and leaves.
i explained that i thought he was the guy staring at me as he drove by and we talked about how freaky that whole encounter was and i made p go get my car for me while i waited for him inside until he pulled up right to the front door.
oh, and the dude had on a WEDDING RING! ugh.

now the second thing is just an aside, not a story and not at all freaky.
in fact, it's more of an FYI. this is my new fall uniform and i will be wearing it every stinkin' day from here on out. it is totally comfortable and i get told i'm cute a lot when i wear it so that's it.
outfit posts will be a bit repetitive from here on out ;)

ps - you like my halloween decorations? what are you gonna be?!


S said...

That is seriously like the best outfit in the entite world that you are wearing!! I am obsessed with that vest!!!
I had a similar thing happen, but with this insane Russian creep at my work who I can't stand. Ugh. Anyways, that sounds like the sweetest thing ever, you going to meet P like that! I'm sure he completely appreciated and loved it :)

Thanks for the very sweet comment on our video - it was hard work but we're really happy with the way it turned out.

P.S. Your Hallowe'en decorations are mad cool, as are you.

MR style said...

u'r style is always so elaborated !! especially the first one ! i love it !! wicked !

Missa said...

Eww, creepy guy. Aww, sweet boyfriend. Ugh, how dare you put that song in my head!!!

The outfit really is adorable and again, oh so cozy :)