Thursday, October 2, 2008

the never ending move

i've worked myself to sickness with this move and we are not even CLOSE to done! here's the deal: we are only moving like two blocks down from where we used to live and therefore we didn't rent a truck and attempt to do the whole sha-bang in just a day... bad idea - it takes forever and wears you out and i would strongly suggest just biting the bullet for one very long and tiring day or weekend instead of creating moving misery for yourself for weeks on end - just a suggestion. instead, we decided to pay double rent for the month of october and do it leisurely.... um, yeah, you guys probably don't really know the extent to which i am unable to restrain myself from doing things leisurely!
yes, i am a yoga instructor and i practice peace and try to live by it but by god i am also a human - and a taurus (bull) at that! i am stubborn and impatient and want things done right and right now. i'm terrible!
anyhoo, we've been taking loads of stuff in our cars over the past week and a half and are finally sleeping at the new place - hooray! i can already tell we are going to LOVE IT! it just feels better. i promise that soon i will do a big reveal but for now we'll start from the beginning and see how it goes from here:
totally unflattering photo of me squinting into the sun sans makeup on one of my many trips to home depot for paint 
carlos, the paint guy, knows me by name and surely hates the sight of me by now
the brick color covering the living room & dining room that simply had to GO
this is a more accurate depiction of the color - i need excitement, not blandness in my home
here is the bathroom before i began painting it "mai thai" red by ralph lauren
lois made the trip too!

so i have this really bad habit of choosing paint colors because of their name... always gets me into trouble. well, the dining room is now our lounge/record room/office and the paint color has no name because the original one i chose was called "kumquat" (ha! cracks me up!) but it was too yellow-y so i took it back to carlos at home depot and tried to deepen it to my new color choice of "aurora orange" (in memory of our friend aurora) but the formulas weren't compatible so now i have a totally excellent but no-name orange in there. i think i'll call it "miranda orange" though... it's a long story and has to do with SATC and my best friend.
then i chose a lovely lavender for the living room but i can't remember the name now... only that i changed my mind and ended up with "dutchess satin" by ralph lauren largely because i can't wait to see the dutchess when it comes out oct.10th! it's going to be so visually decadent and grand!
finally, as mentioned above, i chose an awesome true red called "mai thai" for the bath because man, mai thais are good! and really, i want to have one in the bath with me tonight :)
ok enough boring stories... i'm beginning to sound like the bit on the soup called "cool story jeopardy contestant... that's bad.
in-progess shots coming soon! i'm off to the beach for the weekend for my bestie's bachellorette party - whooo-hoo! 
glad to be back though - i've missed you guys SO MUCH! xoxox! 


S said...

Ahhhhh I have missed you!!!! I am happy to hear everything with the move is sorting itself out, albeit slowly and exhaustingly - nonetheless, it looks like you chose some wonderful colours, I'm certain it's going to be an absolutely STUNNING home soon :)
I'm sending you your package this weekend, I promise, promise, promise for sure! Oh and I found a vintage fur! It's more Kate Moss/Anita Pallenberg than it is Margot Tenenbaum, but I'll find that one eventually, I'm just currently thrilled with the one I DID find.
xoxox much love and luck with all of your moving stuff
P.S. I think I have more to write, so expect a long and rambling e-mail from me at some point today :P

The Stylish Wanderer said...

Im excited for the duchess too! and I like that figurine in the last picture.

Cammila said...

If you lived near me...I think I might kidnap Lois!

Gorgeous paint job!

Missa said...

Sorry to hear the moving is painful, it always is. Last year we bought our house and moved in the week before I gave birth. We also only moved a couple blocks away, but it was tough!

Can't wait to see what you do with your new place!

p.s. that picture of Lois is HILarious!!!

Dennise said...

Congrats on the move (even if it's led to sickness). You must keep us posted on progress with the place!