Thursday, October 23, 2008


the title of this post is one of my favorite words and one of my favorite things! 
i also like the word "smattering". 

this post is to make up for all of the posts i've missed. i would space them out, but what's the fun in that?! working from most ancient to most recent:
the weekend before my bestie's wedding we all got up early on Saturday morning to join her and her mom (who is a breast cancer survivor) for race for the cure. it was alot of fun and very inspiring. our group included a seven year old (the flower girl), her mom (flower girl's not the bride's) who had just given birth a very few weeks ago, and a pregnant bridesmaid! needless to say we were not moving at a lightning quick pace. in fact, for a while we were technically behind the race trailing the ambulance. this was our view from the back of the race:

click to enlarge and see the mad sea of people in front of us

check out this AWESOME guy

he was a trooper! he seemed to be there walking by himself and as far as we know, he finished the race last... but by god he finished! this man is a hero in my books. fo' sure! 

when i said i didn't take any photos of the wedding day, i guess i lied cause here are two i came across on my camera! the first is when "lou" arrived at the venue in all her glory and the second is just a shot of the setting before folks arrived. 

if she looks stressed it's because she was - we were running late and her wedding coordinator (in black) started giving her the run-down the second she walked in the door.

and for some unbelievable reason today was a super busy but magical day. i woke up to P saying "do you know it's 7:40"... i'm supposed to teach my first class of the day at 8am... and it takes me 15 mins to get there if traffic is good. normally that would've been the start to a hectic and non-awesome day, but for some reason i got ready REALLY quick and was only 5 mins late and felt all energized (not stressed) by the mad rush. i got to teach some of my favorite clients today - it was like a "best of" compilation of folks - and then THE MOST MAGICAL THING HAPPENED!!! i saw AND SPOKE TO my animal spirit guide - a deer! every time i see one i get all giddy and squeal really really high inside my mind. 

as i was driving to my client's house i saw this beauty standing on the side of the road:

it stood there long enough for me to tell it *multiple* times how pretty it was and to dig my camera out of my purse to take a few photos! i love deer!

other things (insignificant) that added to my happiness today were the weather feeling all crisp and autumn-like so that i got to wear my faux fur vest and drinking a delicious and soul warming tall sugar-free vanilla soy latte!

do not ask me what i'm doing here - i don't even know!

and finally, one seemingly insignificant thing that has been making my world SIGNIFICANTLY better every day since we moved into the new place:

(like, every day! i kid you not!)


S said...

I also love the word hodgepodge. It's the weird d's in the word that really do it for me I guess.
Anyways. You are looking totally insanely wonderful, I love that outfit - the boots and the vest are totally amazing.
The walk thing you did also sounds fantastic, as does seeing that deer - seriously, how cool is that?
xo I hope you're having the best Friday in the history of Fridays in the world :)

P.S. How cool is your place looking?! I am a bit jealous haha

Couture Carrie said...

Congrats on the new manse. Btw, loving your hat in your profile pic!


buoy said...

what's with these boys making the bed lately?!?! mine does that too!

i don't get it, and i'm not going to complain.

also, i'm jealous of your vest, so we're jealousy-even!


Cindy said...

Ha! One day I'm going to learn how to better conceal my emotions!

Aloha from the Big Island where there's not much lava, but tons of fun and lovey smooches. Missing my bff!