Monday, April 27, 2009

announcing my new blog

well, i feel like my priorities need to change and seeing as how i've enjoyed blogging on this blog so much, i decided to start a new one to usher in a new phase of my life.


it's my new blog about the struggles of learning to save. I hope that it will serve as a measuring stick for my efforts to rethink my finances as i attempt to buy my first home. i have loved sharing my ideas about clothes and all of my thrift finds with you all here, but i think that now i have to look at my purchases, and my pocketbook, differently.
hopefully you will follow me on my new blog where i will continue to show off my thrifty shopping skills and mundane details of my daily life... but this time with the goal of financial security in mind :)

soon i'll be setting up a new twitter account to go along with the new blog and when i do you can follow me there as well - wish me luck!
xoxo -$$$$

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

how very un-buddha-like of me:

a list of things i want:
- the amazing house we stumbled on over the weekend that is for sale and possibly in our budget AND in my bestfriend's hood
- the puppy to be house-trained already
- an honest night's sleep
- for diana to come visit me (PLEASE?!)
- my hair to grow and grow and grow and grow
- did i mention sleep?!

here are some pics from Argentina:

note that these are more to just show what i wore than anything else - it's a safe bet to say that 80% of these outfits are 100% thrifted too! i'm so proud of me.

Back in the saddle

I didn't step foot into a thrift store for a whole month! True story! Here are some new shoes and an awesome 80's belt I got as a welcome back present to myself:

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Excuses, excuses

Here's the #1 reason I haven't been posting:

Her name is isosceles (she only has three legs) and she is a MESS!!! she's cute as hell but currently turning our worlds upsidedown. I fear this blog will quickly become a "dog blog" if I don't watch out!

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Trial & Error

I got a new app on my iPhone to make blog posts on the go! This is a test to see how it works!

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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

top to bottom

andy and i know a good thing when we see it: