Sunday, December 14, 2008

new stuff (parenthesis)

here are some photos we took at the abandoned mansion across the street. i'm wearing my new sweater coat (thrifted for $10) over a dress i made (but you can't see here), electric blue tights (which makes me fond for THIS - i heart debbie gibson!), and F21 shoes and hairbows (look! my hair is kinda growing out!), and i'm carrying my new picnic purse (thrifted for $3- it is a bit more carry-able and not as large as my other one).

don't know if this place has some weird energy or if it's p's photo skills at work, but all of the pics are blurry and there's one that looks like i'm surrounded by a haze (or that we have an effect on the camera - and we DON'T) - weird!
we are about to curl up on the couch to watch amelie! hope your week and weekend were wonderful - i'm going to try to post again before next saturday so stay tuned!

this one was at the entrance to a weird basement entrance at the back of the house that's creepy - no filter on the camera.


Clutterina said...

Oh my God, the coat. WANT!!!!!

Eyeliah @ said...

Oh you remind me to wear my blue tights. lol, I just did a post on Debbie Gibson. :-) here:
love her too!!

Missa said...

Oh my WORD, that sweater coat is the PERFECTEST! Also, that bag is the CUTESTEST! The blue tights are awesome too :)

So weird about the spooky camera effect, very cool though.

Trendology said...

those tights are beautiful!!

Trendy jewelry said...

Like you blog very muck!