Saturday, December 6, 2008


terrible how it's gotten to be a once-a-week (saturday) post kind of a thingy around these parts but i'm going on the idea that:
1) somethin's better than nothin'
2) "A" is for effort
3) it's better late than never

i returned the coat from jcrew - it just didn't WOW me and for that price i really needed it to in order to justify the purchase, you know? in return though, i stopped by anthro yesterday and found this beaut on sale for just $70:

and since i've been wearing it i've recieved about 30 compliments! it's not very warm at all but it's almost constructed like a dress and has the loveliest details... 

the orange stitching goes great with my vintage orange gloves :)

this is a look a wore last weekend but neglected to photograph. we had a baby shower/brunch to attend at 11am and as i am tearing through my closet trying to put together something to wear at 10:45am p looked at me in complete desperation and confusion and said "can't you just wear an outfit that you've worn before and liked?!".... well, i guess i can. 

i thrifted this top months and months ago and never wore it until last weekend - i love it's fluttery sleeves and bow tie. 

after the shower we went to a craft bazaar which was a bit of a let-down for me personally seeing as how i was looking for a few gifts and most of the items were more expensive and not something i'd easily pick out for someone who isn't me.... thus i bought myself the following presents:
these chandeliers are super heavy but SO worth it!
now i'm in a funk because i really need to stop the spending (especially on myself) but all i want to do right now is go to the thrift! what to do? what to do?

details of outfit from above:
knit hat - H&M
vintage top - thrifted
mini - gap (had it for about 5 yrs and was 9 bucks!)
tights - thrifted (but new not used - ew.)
boots - gift from ellie (thrifted)
ring - F21
if i were to guesstimate the outfit total i would say = $25
can you tell i'm trying to justify going shopping again?!


Eyeliah @ said...

oh so fabulous, the outfit underneath is even better.

S of Modern-Guilt said...

That coat is As is the whole outfit. Seriously, the more I look at it the more I love it.
The only thing that's stopping me from thrifting and shopping in general right now is the fact that it's sickeningly cold outside and I just want to stay curled up on the couch. Beyond that, I feel your pain though...

Missa said...

LOVE your thrifted blouse, actually that whole outfit is just darling! Beautiful coat too!

beth said...

i love the blue coat! If you ever want to get rid of it you can pass it down to your loving cousin!