Sunday, December 7, 2008

electric granny land

the title of this post is how p has taken to describing my me and my style... something to do with the allusion to electric lady land studios, the time i electrocuted myself with a thrift store lamp and lost feeling in my pointer finger, my general thriftiness, and love for handmade and vintage things....

so for your viewing pleasure, and to further prove he's right on the money with the above description, i now reveal the granny vest i purchased for $3.50 and am currently having a strange love affair with. (you either love it or hate it... i can see both sides.)

but let me tell you, i'm not the only one who loves this thing - i was paraded around hancock fabrics by an employee who wanted everyone who worked there to admire it as well! they all had such sad faces when i admitted i didn't make it myself that i'm tempted to lie from here on out and say i did!
i didn't get quite the same reception when i later wore it to saks... guess it's not posh enough... snobs, they don't know how much fun they're missing!

(oh, and last night i actually wore something almost "rocker-ish" and i didn't take a pic - S at modern guilt would've been so proud! i'll try to re-wear it and provide photographic proof that i can wear more than granny looks soon!)


diana said...

i was in the "love" camp, and then i saw the back detail and trotted over to the "creepily obsessed and probably slightly stalker-ish" camp.

also, as soon as i finish this, i'm going over to my email to compose a piece on exactly how much i adore you and the ways in which you read my mind... i just got a totally unexpected package, and it contained everything on my "things i need now!" list.
(i'm having a hard time leaping with excitement and typing at the same time.)

(ok, i'm not done with this comment apparently...
something is wrong with my brain/internet/computer, and i can't leave comments from my typepad blog (?!?!) so i'm leaving them from my blogger/52oh blog.
thus the strange link...)


S of Modern-Guilt said...

I was reading through this whole post thinking how much I love that vest and the way you write, and then I see the shout-out! You are the sweetest!! haha, so awesome.
Hope you're having the best day ever

Missa said...

love it :)

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