Friday, August 15, 2008

hey, boo-boo! wanna get a pic-a-nic basket?

i heart yogi bear!

so today i donned four items from the thrift score i blabbed about yesterday for your viewing pleasure (and for my ease during a terrible bout of PMS - i'll try to post more interesting things over the weekend but for now this is as good as it gets).

i am sporting the checkered shirt, belt with cool interlocking clasp, adorable shoes that are too small for me (tears) and the picnic basket purse! i know i'm gonna catch hell for carrying this thing but if someone's not cool enough to realize that the chicest of the chic, jane birkin, did the same and give me and my pic-a-nic basket the respect we deserve then they can kiss it! (again, sorry, PMS).



Cammila said...

I am blowing a gasket over that picnic basket! And the shoes!

buoy said...

take those shoes to your shoe guy and MAKE him stretch them to fit you.

or else have toes removed?
they are worth it.

Sassy said...

Your outfit is so pretty!