Thursday, August 7, 2008

night rider... bikes that is!

tonight the sunset was just too gorgeous and pink to miss!

the BF and i went with our sweet ellie to eat mexican food for dinner and as we drove down the hill towards home the sunset was so awesome that we all agreed we just had to drive up to "the lookout" to catch the rest of it before the sun went totally down. there is a spot not far from us that sits high on the hill and overlooks the city and usually the street of very expensive mansions has a security gate that closes it off from the public after 6pm but sometimes its open and you can drive up there and see all the gorgeous sunsets you can feast your eyes on while cruising slowly down that road - no stopping though... private property... peesh!
anyway, ellie and i struck a deal that if she'd ride bikes with me and take some pics i'd mend the rip in the dress she was wearing - deal! so we cruised up and down my street on our bikes enjoying the evening post-rain and it was so much FUN! it was the perfect time to ride - just at dusk and a little bit cool outside so as you zoom down the hill on a bike the breeze feels perfect against your skin and reminds you of summer days spent outside as a kid just before your mom called you in for the night.
here's the hair - not very flattering under street lights but i'm pleased with it - and my bike: yeah, that's right, i drive a jaguar!

**top is F21 - coullots (spelling anyone?!) are thrifted and perfect for bike riding BTW- shoes are steve madden**


Anonymous said...

1. The hair is perfect!
2. The bike is too cool - 'didn't know you had it! (what's the news on your other ride?)
3. You should publish your 'thrift shopping tips' - they're the best I've ever seen!

p.s. you're amazing - but I've been telling you that for #) years!
p.p.s 'culottes'

The Clothes Horse said...

You look so chic! Your hair looks great, especially with the red lips. And it sounds like a wonderful evening.

Jimena said...

I am in love with your hair! You look just like Jean Seberg.

Looking at some post below I realize that's what you were going for but this is my first time visiting your blog and I inmediately saw that as soon as I saw the first pics. So pretty.

By the way, biking is the best. I ride mine everywhere (and I do mean everywhere)

S said...

You are so beautiful! I love the hair, the outfit, the fact that you're on a bike, everything.

Cindy said...

Your hair rocks, girlfriend! It's PERFECT for you.

Looking forward to tomorrow night. I'm going to wear my hot sex Tahari dress. I might even let you blog about it.

thefashionmaven said...

overwhelmed by all of your sweet comments - thanks everybody!
i feel so special :)

Caitlin said...

Love the hair, it looks so perfect on you!

buoy said...

ha ha! i just dropped the boy off at the airport, came home, saw your comments, and CRACKED UP! thank you for making me laugh right now :)

i don't think you're creepy for asking my shoe size, mostly because the question did NOT include "what kind of stockings do you wear?" and "do you think i could wear your stockings too?" (from a man. yes.)

as for being opposed to wearing thrifted shoes: i do it on an almost daily basis. (shh!! don't tell!)
and yes, i am pretty small - usually a size 1-3, although i have abnormally large flipper-esque feet for my frame, and tend to wear an 8.

i'm so excited about the swap!!! let me know your sizes too?
do you think i could make this comment any longer? probably. but i won't try.