Sunday, August 10, 2008

je vis pour la mode

if you read my post "dear jcrew" then you know i have a deep love for jcrew's fall line. well, i went by the store a few days ago to check it out in person and i fell in love with some of their graphic tees with french phrases on them - specifically one that had the phrase "c'est la vie" beaded across it in a very simple font. i also fell in love with the models in the catalog who were wearing them with high waisted pencil skirts and skinny belts. want. want. want. 
but... i simply cannot pay $40 for a tshirt. 
so, i made my own version! 
DIY! punk ethos in action! my boyfriend is so proud.

it was really quick and easy. i just found a simple drawing of the eiffel tower online and added the phrase "i live for fashion" in french - printed it out backwards onto iron-on transfer paper and ironed it right on an old tee i got for $3 on sale at Target (the ones in the sleepwear section are the best cause they are the tissue tees)! 
took no time at all and i was done in time to get him to snap a few quick pics and debut it for his brother's birthday dinner. it feels so good to get compliments on a look and get to brag that that it is entirely thrifted (with the exception of the heels which i got at TJ Maxx and the tee which, as i mentioned, is originally from Target) and somewhat handmade.  :)

ps - it's truly "fresh off the presses" in the pics so it's pulling funny from being stiff but i'm really excited to see what it looks like after it's worn-in and been washed a few times - hope it fades a little and gets soft so it will have a slightly more vintage feel to it.

pps - if you enlarge the middle photo you can also glimpse the amazing charm necklace the BF gave me for our anniversary - it's vintage and has an anchor, heart and cross for faith, love, and charity respectively. love!


Anonymous said...

Okay - You're getting MUCH too good at this! I think you've got a career possibility here - model, writer, consultant, designer, whatever . . . BF, I"m sure, is proud, but so am I!

thefashionmaven said...

firstly, THANKS!
and secondly, expect your "j'égrappe le virtuose de mode" tee in the mail any day now!

(yes, that does say "i stalk the fashion maven" in francaise! i kid! keep leaving me nice comments, i love it - and you!)

berryberr said...

U've got an interesting blog!Will be checking it out often!

The Clothes Horse said...

Really nice!

S said...

These tees are awesomely cool. Love the DIY attitude AND the finished product :)