Wednesday, August 20, 2008

it's easy being green

THANKS to all of you for your sweet comments - i am feeling much better today! 

i have the sweetest boyfriend EVER (he's my hero - i wish i were as nice as he is), a mom who is always there to listen to me be weepy, and a super best friend who is always there to chat it up over lunch and make me feel good again - i'm such a lucky girl!

maybe that's what drew me to celebrating GREEN today:

the two necklaces (bow & locket), heart charm bracelet, green dress, and clutch are all thrifted - shoes are steve madden


Cammila said...

Wow,green is perfect on you! And I love your charms. :)

buoy said...

i'm so glad your day was better!!!

(also, LOVE the dress. your daily outfit posts inspire me. i really need to get better about it. i just feel so awkward taking pictures of myself! how do you get past that?)

S said...

That couch is fantastic! And I agree, green IS fabulous on you, you look stunning in these photos.
Glad to hear that your day is much better :)

Missa said...

Those heart charms are SO adorable! You are gorgeous in green, glad you're feelin' better!

thefashionmaven said...

my ego is getting huge here!

THANKS LADIES! you are all my inspiration.

Isabel said...

I love your hair - blonde looks fabulous with green!