Monday, August 4, 2008

dear jcrew,

i love you. i love your fall line with all of my heart. i want you to come live with me and be my bestest friend ever. i would take you everywhere with me and show you off to everyone i know... and probably to some i don't. we would have the most lovely time ever and i promise i'd make you perfectly at home in my tiny closet. please say you'll love me too!
forever in awe of your gorgeousness,
the fashion maven

yep, i blame jcrew for my obsession with socks with heels... and thus the $54 excursion at! the expense was well worth it though, if i do say so myself. here's what my hard earned money got me:

i've always loved that little girl look of ankle socks with dress shoes and last season i was too embarrassed to try it myself (except under pants)- but thanks to my new "f*ck 'em" pledge to only dress for my own enjoyment and not give a second thought to what others might say/think (it's about time seeing as how i'm officially "no longer in my 20's" don't cha think?!) i'm going to step out in style! 

which should i sport first?
probably the sheer Betsy Johnson ones with polka dots since it's so freakin' HOT! i'll save the thicker ones for the fall.... ummmm, fall.


Cindy said...

Have socks been as well-received in your home as gloves?

I love those red shoes!

The new JC line seems super-casual. It's hard for them to top last year, in my opinion, but those bright colors will look great on you.

Megan said...

I absolutely adore the white ones with brown heels! So cute.

stacyinsaddleshoes said...

I love the white ones the best. I think they go with everything and there is just something sexy about a pair of little white socks with dress shoes.It is what I wear.