Friday, August 8, 2008

haste, not waste

quickest of all quick posts:
firstly, THANK YOU for the compliments on my new 'do! i'm so grateful!
secondly, how freakin' amazing is this dress i scored thrifting today?! i feel like *such* a hitchcock babe in it!
sorry for the crummy photos - was very quick and BF was getting annoyed cause i was being bossy about how i wanted them shot... oopse! **thank you BF!**

tah- dah!

here's the kicker.... twas only $4.50!
oh, the FAUX fur coat (all acrylic - i swear!) is also thrifted ($20) along with the sunnies and the shoes are about a decade old and i believe were a complete steal from TJ Maxx


Anonymous said...

'Loving the hair (didn' I always tell you your face was made for that cut? Sometimes I am right!) and really impressed with the dress! What a classic! (And I was drooling over the shoes even before you said they were a find! Tell BF he did a good job on the photos, even getting the granddog's nose in one frame! 'Love it! 'Love you!

The Clothes Horse said...

Oh, gorgeous! Hitchcock babes are the best.

S said...

Umm this is freaking AWESOME! You are a total Margot Tenenbaum in this, I LOVE it.