Sunday, August 24, 2008

patience, grasshopper

so, i found out the vespa arrived in my city on friday but i wasn't prepared to have someone to go with me and pick her up (they closed at 5pm and everyone was at work) and they aren't open on saturdays so i haven't actually gotten her yet! it's like sitting in front of a present you can't open! but come monday, she'll be coming home with me (fingers crossed) and i'll take some pics for you all to see!
  thanks for getting excited with me :)

in the meantime, i've been busying myself with one of my favorite hobbies: jewelry making. i don't do anything too fancy but i always enjoy picking out materials at michael's and coming home to sit in front of the tv for hours tinkering around and ending up with bracelets and earrings i can share with my friends - they're always kind enough to say they love them!
here's a sampling (i hope you can enlarge them and tell something about them - sorry, they're not the best photos):

this one says "we will not know unless we begin - peter nivio zarlenga"
this one has three little charms that together say "be here now"
this one says "where there is love, there is life - mahatma gandhi"

i made more yesterday (including my take on a betsy johnson necklace with multiple chains and charms) but i haven't taken photos yet. last night's project was making something to hold my earrings. i've collected gold frames from the thrift and decided i'd staple some embroidery mesh (plastic kind) to the back. easiest and most effective solution yet - probably cost me $1.50 for the frame and .79 cents for the mesh! you should try it - just be careful with the staple gun!



Missa said...

That earring holder is genius and looks like art hanging on your wall! The bracelets are so cool, I'm in love with the simple gandhi quote one!

S said...

I make jewelry sometimes as well but never anything as beautiful as this! You are quite the talented lady, wow!
...How much would it cost me to get that Be Here Now bracelet? Is it even for sale? I actually just e-mailed it to G I like it so much (it's great sentiment, as well as a great album), and I would DEFINITELY be willing to buy if possible :)
Hope you're having a wonderful, shining day!

a cat of impossible colour said...

That jewellery holder is such a great idea!

Sunniva said...

I have such a weakness for charms that have sayings on them, and these are just so fantastic!

xxx said...

wow pretty awesome. i gotta make one!

Christina Lee said...

nice job- I like the second to last earrings. That'a actually how my jewelry business got started- just sitting around tinkering on things and trying things out and then boom, it took off- so watch out.
Actually, great minds think alike b/c at this local boutique I show my jewelry at, I use a frame to display my necklaces but the backing is a screen, like from a screen door!

Anonymous said...

I just found your post from the Thrift Candy blog. I'm so in love with your jewelry! Do you sell the bracelet with the Gandhi quote or can you tell me where I might find a charm like that one? Beautiful!

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