Friday, August 1, 2008

one, two, three, four - tell me that you love me more.

went thrifting and found two very delicate and in-tact (re: clean) christian dior full-length slips for THREE DOLLARS EACH. they will go nicely with my plan to join on her bright idea to adopt this dramatic look for fall.
also scored a cute red dress (post pic soon) to rev up my weekend (which currently has zero social events planned). 
caught an NPR interview with Paul Anka about his 2005 release "Rock Swings" on which he takes newer songs and swings them up old blue eyes style and immediately downloaded it... i *must* have a swingin' dinner party soon! how have i lived the past three years without knowing this existed? it's so me it's not just up my alley it is my alley. 
did you forget?......IT'S FRIDAY!


buoy said...

ok, now i'm just being creepy and lurking on ALL your posts :)

something's been up lately, as far as the thrifting gods and dior... i just found two dior blazers in the perfect little-boys' shrunken size 10, for $5.00 each.
i know your joyous feeling!!

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