Tuesday, August 5, 2008


isn't part of having a blog indulging oneself in writing down thoughts that by the very nature of sharing via said blog it is inferred that you assume others are interested in reading about when more than likely no one really cares?! 
well, friends, indulge me!
  • to chop or not to chop - that is the question. been thinking that i really just want to take the plunge and cut the rest of my hair off super short and pixie-like a' la jean seberg or mia farrow. i did have it that short before and i got so many compliments along the lines of "you have the face for short hair" ...wait, that is a compliment, right?! tried calling to make the appt. but my guy would have to work me in and on occasion that can prove more drama than it's really worth. i'll certainly go a little darker with it if i do as to keep from completely resembling a q-tip (all white, fuzzy top!).
  • thrift regrets. i passed up two good items lately and now i'm having thrifter's remorse. one was a pair of lace up ankle booties which i thought would likely be too small for me and couldn't confirm because i was sockless and have a completely reasonable fear of putting thrift store shoes on bare feet.... and the other was a plaid dress that after looking at the runway looks for fall i have a much better idea of how to style and think it could be much cooler than it looked hanging all lonely on the rack. boo. maybe i'll find them again if i go back soon - problem is, i don't remember which store i saw either of them in. could be one of ten! 
  • stinky dog. my dog hasn't been bathed in an embarrassingly long time. my hands smell after i pet her. gross.
  • downsizing! i got word yesterday that the large one-bedroom apartment that we want is going to be available at the beginning of next month and i put in an application yesterday! hooray! i can't wait to downsize and get rid of stuff and reorganize! i envision my life all streamlined and efficient.... but still dutifully stylish and properly accessorized, of course! 

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Caitlin said...

I think it's a compliment. I wish I had the right kind of face for short hair. It's been years since I tried it, though. If you do try it, I'd love to see the result!