Monday, August 18, 2008

FYI - i'm a total freak

yep, and i'm not ashamed either. in fact, i'll share just one of the bizarre-o thoughts that passed through my head today as evidence. i was wearing the bow necklace from my last post (cause when i find something great i tend to binge on wearing it until it's out of my system or i find something else to obsess over) and trying to decide what to wear to go to the post office to mail off my first official package of the thrift swap - i started to debate the idea of wearing a shirt that ties with a bow at the back of the neck: "too many bows? redundant? silly?" and then, i thought "well it's okay cause one's in the front and one's in the back... I'VE GOT BOWS IN DIFFERENT AREA CODES!" yep. i've equated bows to ho's and begun a whole new rap in my head weird-al jankovic style....
THANKS luda! *insert eye roll here*
(mom i made that a link just for you in case you don't know what i'm referring to - and if you do... well, props?! i guess.)

some amazing things about my monday:
1- i only had to work for 2 hours today
2- i went to the library and discovered they were having a book sale and it was the last day so everything was 1/2 off! got lots of good stuff for only 50cents each (great - now i'm gonna have "fiddy cent" in my head too....)
3- checked out several movies while i was there and came home and watched emma - which was cute. and there are lots of pretty things to look at in the movie too - including super pink walls filled with gold-framed paintings which i think was the inspiration for the pink room from the royal tenenbaums which everybody obviously loves. anyway, i think P is down for letting me have a pepto pink room in the next apartment now!
4- as mentioned above, i sent off the first of what i hope will be many bundles of joy! i'm referring to the the thrift swap i've embarked on with diana. boy, i hope she likes what i've sent her. if you are interested in thrifting and getting presents in the mail from new friends then you should join us! leave me a comment and i'll tell you more!
5- while there, i got the LAST book of frank sinatra stamps at my post office - she took them out of the locked display case for me and everything - i felt like i'd won the stamp lottery!
6- the boy and puppy and i went to the park and it was a little breezy and nice. the dog rolled in the grass, i found a fall leaf (even though i think it's a leftover from last fall), and even convinced him to take some silly pics of me:

i'll never dunk.
but i can try!
a fall leaf!
puppy LURVES to roll in the grass
these are the oxfords i got in the haul the other day - love them!
dress was thrifted and shirt is from tj maxx
i like it cause it's mod and it feels like it goes with my new 'do
p's guns
these little guys are popping up all over the park!


buoy said...

you are seriously the cutest thing on the internet!
i wish we could hang out in person.
our random/wacky-ness combined could probably solve a lot of world-wide issues.

also, i had a dream about finding you the perfect thrifted purse last night.
ha ha! i was so excited, and then i woke up...

Anonymous said...

Hey, hey - I may be just-less-than-twice-your-age, young lady, but I actually DID pick up on your 'bows in different zip codes' reference! (I'm not sure if I deserve props or shame for that!:-) But I'm picturing the bow in front, and the bow in back, and with your little bow lips, you were just 'bowed to be wild'! (Link for you - and if you didn't need it, then mega-props to you, girl!

Forgive, please, but you look like Peter Pan flying toward the b'ball hoop! Cute! Cute! Cute!

S said...

I love the mod dress with the mod hair - you are so cute! And that picture of you with the leaf is stunning - your bf has a great eye for composition :)
Sounds like yet another great day you had.

P.S. I am so sorry for not writing back fully sooner - you'll be getting an essay from me very soon though!

Isabel said...

You looks sooooo 1960s! Adorable!