Friday, August 29, 2008

coincidence? i think not.

so, i made that post earlier in the week saying that i've had more than one run-in with my clothes appearing on the big screen - and it makes me unreasonably excited! i'm a dork. well, lately i've had two more serendipitous experiences - this time in print rather than film- that made me geek out:

(i was saving this story for a time when i could tell it more dramatically and with more detail but for the sake of this post i'll give it away... so, long story short - and with significantly less "wow" power).
i found a tuleh dress (yes, that tuleh) at the thrift for $5 and it's gorgeous and in absolutely perfect condition... and if you've looked oh-so-closely at your september 2008 issue of marie claire you've probably seen it! that's right - it's worn by a woman in the crocs ad campaign, "letters to my younger self". ok, it's not that exciting or cool but can you at least agree it's kinda neat-o?

my tuleh dress (did i mention it was FIVE DOLLARS?!):

a cruddy photo of the ad taken straight from my issue:

if you've looked oh-so-closely at your september issue of teen vogue then maybe you've seen my new hat! okay, well it's NOT my new hat but it looks just like it! the "style blogger" article on page 118 shows a student at SCAD named rebekah wages who has her models wear her signature knit hats that look eerily similar to the knit hat i purchased at the thrift for .50 cents just before reading this article! compare for yourselves:

rebekah wages' knit hats (and awesome designs) and the teen vogue article:
these three won't enlarge so look at her stuff here

my knit hat (made by someone named charlotte:

so, maybe those two things aren't all that exciting to anyone else but me - but they are pretty cool coincidences at least. i mean, two?! in one month?! 
now here's the real question: how many stares and snide looks will i get if i actually wear that hat out!?! :)

and for those of you who get a holiday on monday - enjoy!


Missa said...

Is it also not a crazy coincidence that the woman wearing your dress in the ad is surrounded by a million pairs of SHOES?! ;)
I love that kind of stuff!

I am a HUGE knit hat lover and that one is so amazing, I'd wear it out in a second and it looks way cute on you!

a cat of impossible colour said...

I would be clapping and cheering from the sidelines if you wore that hat out :) I love it!

S said...

wow what wonderful finds! And I adore that hat on you, you look totally STUNNING. If I were you I would wear it out in a heartbeat!

fritha louise said...

That hat is amazing! Who cares about stares when you're wearing soething that looks as good as that.

trend de la creme said...

loving the bun hat!!

Trendy jewelry said...

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