Friday, August 1, 2008

où est la bibliothèque?

here's my first outfit post.

i was feeling a library vibe whilst taking the photos, thus the book as prop. the dress is vintage from the thrift as are the belt, purse and slip beneath (it's one of the new ones i got today - see earlier post). the shoes are BCBG and the headband is from F21. 
i'm still not really sure about this whole "look at me!" aspect of having a fashion/style blog and writing about yourself but i think that i feel like theclotheshorse does in her post about the narcissistic aspects of the blog being out-weighed by the general sense of community and connection one can gain from opening yourself up to others on the web who share the same interests and point of view as you do. i've got pretty thick (and very pale) skin so i think i can take it if someone doesn't like what i'm layin' down here. we shall see...

ps - if anyone has advice about making the above pics in-line with one another that'd be great. i think they are screwy cause i uploaded them at different times? hrumph.

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