Thursday, August 21, 2008

my name is thefashionmaven, and i'm a thriftaholic.

no doubt, i have a serious problem. i think someone is going to have to step in and help me. and i think it's going to be P. he's getting a "look" everytime i come home from the thrift (which is becoming a daily habit) and i know that soon he is going to sit me down for a talk. like talk...with an implied capital T. i both dread and need this talk. i am addicted to the high of finding awesome stuff for cheap. there are worse things, i know, but i also know i can't keep this level of shopping up - even if it IS at ridiculous prices and the stuff i'm finding is super - because soon i'm going to run us out of our home with all my "stuff".... 
today it was shoes. glorious shoes.

these wedges are the most comfy shoes ever! and they fit me like they've always been mine.
these are like grey and burgundy spats - SPATS!
these are wedges though you can't tell. how cute will these be all prepped out for fall?
i've been dreaming of these sweet linen and leather booties and today they are MINE!
they say nude heels elongate the legs... and lord knows mine could use some length. thanks genes.

so here they are (not to mention the other stuff i got too)
but really, look at the above photo and tell me i could've passed any of those shoes up! 

an attempt to justify my thrifting addiction: i got the table for $25 and spray painted it, the gold photo frame was only .25 cents (i printed the phrase "please take off your shoes and stay awhile" in fancy font off the now-defunct blueprint magazine website - it's important to welcome guests into your home!), and the lamp (with spectacularly large black shade that's gold inside which you can't see in pic) was only $10, and finally millie the french poodle was .75 cents! so ALL of what you see above - including all of my awesome new shoes -probably rings in under $60. so sue me!


The Clothes Horse said...

Oh! All those shoes look awesome. I always fall in love with shoes at thrift shops that don't end up fitting me.

Missa said...

Oh, "the talk". I hate the talk. My husband and I have the talk pretty much on a monthly basis.

As far as addictions go though, it could be much much worse! Love the shoes, all of them!

♥ fashion chalet said...

haha thank you, your comment made me laugh :) :) hope you enjoy the interview*

a cat of impossible colour said...

Wow, great haul! And all in your size! Fantastic.

Isabel said...

Those booties you got are amazing. Ah-may-zing. I'm so in love with your thrifting skills!

S said...

WOW! I wouldn't have been able to pass that stuff up either, you are so right. I love this post, very clever :)
And may I just say you did a freaking AMAZING job with that cabinet!

P.S. Not having a baby thank goodness but do WISH I was coming to Alabama for champers and conversation... :)

Clutterina said...

Ok, I know it's an old post, but this is where I landed via google. Just wanted to say, I have to same problem(?)! This week I've thrifted sooooo many bags! I always look for them, but for some reason they all come to me this week. Of course, I bought them all, hahahhahahah. NO REGRETS!

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