Thursday, August 14, 2008

i'm so excited! and i just can't hide it! i'm about to lose control and i think i like it!

*apologies up front for the terribly obnoxious nature of this post*


you know how sometimes you get all pumped to go to the thrift and you can't find a single thing?
well today was like that..... IF IT WERE OPPOSITE DAY! 
if a policeman pulled me over on the way home from the thrift just now he would've arrested me under the suspicion of being on crack! i'm so stoked on my thrift finds that i am acting like a LUNATIC! (and i'm honest when i say that all you other online thrifting gals are lucky i only know you online and don't have your phone #'s cause you would've received some major all caps texts today!)

i'll post pics of the best finds soon so that you can also share in my excitement but for now i'll just tally it all up (a shopping cart's worth) and then try to cram it all in the closet and various drawers so the BF doesn't freak that i keep bringing home loads of stuff as we plan to move into a smaller apartment! 

store one:
-very cute little woven leather bag 
-brown wool pencil skirt 
-ankle boots (bought with THRIFT SWAP in mind - that's you buoy
-cutest shoes i've EVER found at thrift but are a size too small (possible thrift swap or cut off my toes) 
-perfect black ladies lace-up oxfords 

store two: 
(i should either be shot or given a medal for this......) TEN PURSES! 
-wooden, woven (picnic style) bag a' la jane birkin
-small green leather one on long strap
-gorgeous maroon one with metal handles (very vintage-y)
-red vintage with interesting metal details and closure
-red (slightly less vintage) with slinky necklace-like handles
-multi-colored patchwork leather one (possible thrift swap for vintagesociety?)
-brown oversized change purse on long strap - adorable!
-HUGE oversized tan leather envelope clutch
-woven gold & cream clutch/purse with handle cut-outs
-black metal meshy 80's bag for night
-old maroon leather samsonite carry-on bag
-lucite/acrylic wine bottle holder
-too cute for words burgundy 70's mini with pleats!
-red & white checkered shirt a' la marianne from gilligan's island
-brown leather hip-slung belt (70's look)
-maroon leather high-waisted belt

i repeat:
pics soon! 


buoy said...

ten purses! beautiful!
(i feel like you're next in line to open up an ebay shop!!)

i don't mind leaving you my email address here. i feel like it's already public enough, if a creepy person wants to find me, they're going to find me one way or another :)

that's MY brush with danger for the day!
(also, about the ankle boots, i seriously feel like you're reading my mind right now...)

S said...

ahhhh congratulations, sounds like you scored BIG TIME. Can't wait to see some of this stuff!

Anonymous said...

Now you didn't REALLY want that smaller apartment anyway, did you?! :-) Maybe you need to change that huge dining room into one glorious closet! 'Can't wait to see pics! A couple of things there sound like something I'd want to talk you out of for myself!

The Clothes Horse said...

Wow! Just wow! That is quite a haul. Makes me want to go thrifting even though that would mean squeezing more things into my luggage!
Thanks for the advice, I do a good amount of traveling so I have some experience, but your words are definitely keeping me focused.

Christina Lee said...

I cant get past the horrible lyrics to that beginning song-haha!
Nice blog!