Tuesday, August 12, 2008

lois stole my jewels!

not really, i gave them to her to hold for me.
what am i talking about? 
why lois my jewelry holding mannequin of course! 

i saw her in an antique store and knew i just HAD to have her but they wanted too much. so i waited a few months and then when i went back she was gone.
Noooooo! :(
but i asked the woman working if she'd been sold and she said she thought the woman who owned that booth just took her home cause if things aren't selling she'll switch 'em out so the booth looks fresh and just bring them back in a few months. she offered to call and i waited patiently to hear that the awesomeness was still up for sale. 
as a rule i'm just not a bargainer - i feel weird asking someone to let me have something for less than they've priced it and obviously believe that it's worth... but i **really** wanted her so i went for it.... and got her for half the original asking price! whoot!
the lady at the shop said i should name her and then before i could even think, she deemed her name to be lois and it stuck! 
when i came home with her in my arms all smiley and giddy and such the boyfriend admitted she was cool but wasn't so keen to having her live in the bedroom. i said we'd just try it for one night and if she scared him or came to life in the middle of the night and killed us then i'd move her (or be dead, i suppose!). 
well, lois hasn't killed us yet and she still sits on my dresser (along with the disembodied hand that holds my rings that my grandma gave me) and we're one big happy family. 
this story holds true to most of the crazy things i place around our house: he objects... i say it's just a trial... days and weeks pass... and then one day he goes, "you know, i can't imagine the glitter unicorn not hanging in the hall above your deer collection! 

but seriously, it's a glitter unicorn! who can deny that?!


buoy said...

the unicorn AND lois are perfect!

funny thing: every comment you leave me makes me like you even more. you seriously make me giggle EVERY SINGLE TIME. (that's good!)
i'm totally ok with leather. i don't think i could cut it out of my life. shoes (and jackets) are just too wonderful to give up. (especially the vintage ones...)
i think that might make me a slightly bad person.

The Clothes Horse said...

Oh fun! I like to bargain, but if they give me a hard time I always back down! Oh well...

S said...

I love your crazy home stuff!
And I will definitely get back to you about a thrifting trade - that sounds like it could be a lot of fun! Send me an e-mail and we'll work out details? :D