Wednesday, September 17, 2008

one foot in front of the other

here's the debut of my new favorite skirt:

it's an almost flannel type of material which makes it super soft and cuddly and i think it has the most adorable print ever! roses and plaid bows - it's like christmas-y but not! 
i took the above photos in what will be our new (TEENSY TINY) apartment beginning next week. i snuck into it today to take a few measurements and to once more slap my hand on my forehead and declare "we have lost our minds!" - no joke. it's less than half the size of our current space but also about half the rent... alas, we are trying to save for the future and that means that right now we have to make a few sacrifices... sacrifices named "meg's sewing room" and "meg's private bathroom slash make-up haven" 
p is very anxious for me to go ahead and paint over the brick-like color you see behind me in the pic taken in the mirror but i think i am going to have to live in there a while and arrange furniture and stuff about 8 billion different ways before i can even see a clear design route... tis going to be a long road to travel but i'm happy to have my friends over at to guide me with their inspirational pics! 
so, to clear my head of the overwhelming feelings of anxiety i got looking at the size of my new living room, i took puppy on down to the park for enjoy the most beautiful day your heart could ever desire:

i had good intentions to start what must surely be the most awesome book in existence 
(thanks suz!) 

but i got too slap happy taking pics of it and watching my dog run to actually read a word... other than the teaser below, which i'm hoping if you click to enlarge you can actually read:

it's going to be so juicy i'll have to wear a bib!

red polka dot shirt,  green sweater, and headband - F21
new skirt - thrift
socks -
red heels - payless


Hailey @ said...

oh, I must read that book one day.

The Clothes Horse said...

That skirt is darling. I really like the print.

The Stylish Wanderer said...

WANT that skirt

buoy said...

if i had to sum you up in three words, it would be these:
cutest. girl. ever.

your posts always make me so EXCITED about life :)

as for the new apartment:
it's difficult to down-size, (trust me, i know... i went from living - ALONE - in a 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom apartment for $450 a month, including utilities, to living in a 390 square foot "one bedroom" (read: studio with walls) apartment for three times as much, with the bf.) but it's also kind of fun.
small spaces make you use your brain more. life becomes one giant puzzle with a lot of sparkly "organizational" temptations from places like ikea.

i can't wait to see what you do with the apartment!
(i hope you post lots of pictures :)


trendology said...

such a pretty print!

Cindy said...

You should take tons of pics of the current apt to document on here. You've done such an amazing job with it that it deserves to be shown off!

S said...

goodness gracious I ADORE! Congrats on the new digs and decision to save for the future...I'm doing that myself right now in my 650 sq. ft. apartment and yes, sacrifices have to be made indeed!
I love your photos - that skirt is adorable and the ones from the park are just too pretty
xox hope you are having a fantastic day!

Joanna Goddard said...

hey there,

this is joanna -- i write a blog for Glamour Magazine. i'd love to chat with you about featuring a sweet comment you wrote on the blog.

if you have a moment, would you mind emailing me?

thank you!! joannaxo