Tuesday, September 16, 2008

i almost forgot:

i'm officially BACK!!! 
hooray - my life is mine again :)
can't wait to catch up on all of my blog reading and comment writing!


buoy said...

yay! you're back!
(and i'm kind of back too.)

your comment cracked me up. i was really glad that you opted for the "just act normal" thing though. it's really the only way...

a similar thing happened to me, too, involving my extremely attractive (and only 18 years old) neighbor, when i first moved into my new apartment.
i was in my "office" taking pictures for the shop, standing right beside my giant window. i had been doing this all day, and had reached the exhausted/slap-happy stage, where i start doing really strange poses. i looked up in the middle of one of these poses to see said neighbor hanging his laundry on the drying line out in the courtyard - right next to my window - staring at me with a look of total confusion/horror/intrigue.
it took me a second to realize that my tripod was BELOW window level, so he thought i was just standing in an empty room making super-model faces at a wall.

i picked up my tripod and held it up in the window for him to see, because i thought that would clarify what was going on in my head. then i remembered that, to most people, taking pictures of one's self in an empty room is almost equally as strange.

we. are. awesome.

Missa said...

You guys are awesome and I'm so glad I have private backyard to take pictures in!

S said...

SO happy you're back!
And can't wait to see your Diesel puffer coat - I've not seen one yet that's not horrendous but I've never seen a Diesel one so you just may change my whole world view here!