Saturday, September 6, 2008

walking the line

the first half of today was simply wonderful. slept in a little late - 9:30am is an indulgence these days- and had a leisure time putting around the house. then p and i went for food at "hipster heaven" - it's always fun to go on saturday cause we sit at the bar and get to catch up with a friend who works there so it's like loving two birds with one stone! 
then i talked p into going down to this awesome junk/catch-all store downtown and it turns out this was the weekend for "art walk"! while busied himself getting some coffee (he's not very patient with me digging through junk for forever) i got to snake my way through the unusually prevalent crowd in search of goodies... and goodies did i find! 
we have a friend who recently started selling jewelry in that store and she has an A-MAZING eye for cute vintage pieces... and she sells them for reasonable prices! i think that even though we don't hang out or anything she might be my other half. anyway, i got the owl ring and the flower basket necklace you'll see below from her and some other goodies i hope to ship off in some thrift swap packages soon :)
eventually we ended up down by the train tracks for a photo op (which "shoe-cases" my new favorite thrift shoes) and we had the most fun! we also happened upon a place that restores vintage cars - who knew?!
overall, a happy happy day!

he loves me!

brooks brothers shirt, oxfords, picnic basket, & round locket - thrifted
banana republic jeans
owl ring and flower basket necklace - vintage (purchased today)


Cindy said...

ooh...I need deets on cool shop downtown and jewelry chick. I have a guess on the former but not sure if you want to keep locations on the dl.

Also, loved your post below about songs. Haven't heard that neko song, but it's gotta be good if it combines two of my fav things (nekos and margarets)!

Missa said...

I LOVE these photos!!! Adorable outfit, perfect accessories, awesome backdrop... check, check, and check! Sounds like a perfect day :)

The owl ring is rad and that lil' flower basket necklace, SO my cup of tea!

we could grow up together said...

j'dorable two-toned shoes!

Toni Alexis said...

love the jewelry! awesome post!


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