Monday, November 3, 2008

no more moving

despite the fact that p and i are OFFICALLY DONE MOVING i had a moving nightmare last night in which i went back to the old house to give my landlord back the keys and he said "what do you mean you've moved? all your stuff is still here?" and i went inside and the place was in shambles with all of our stuff strewn everywhere... i cried and cried.

saturday went to atlanta for a quick celebration of the fact that our hectic october is behind us. we slept in after a night out of halloween festivities and lounged around the house with the dog, talking and brunching in bed for about an hour and a half, and then i got online and booked us a hotel room for the night and we got on the road. the drive over was gorgeous because all the leaves are really starting to turn down here.

the photo doesn't do it justice AT ALL but trust me. 

after checking into our hotel and jumping on the bed:

we went to dinner and to see minus the bear play at the variety playhouse and it was truly one of the easiest and best nights ever. we've seen them alot and every time the crowd gets larger and younger and (i hate to say it) dumber and less fun to be around. so this time we did it "old folk style" and it was perfect. we stopped in el myr (bar/restaurant next door) for a drink while the line for the door dwindled down to nothing. then went in and got awesome seats in the balcony where we could see great (unlike when we used to go down in front of the stage on floor level and my short little self couldn't see anything) and we just sat and held hands and enjoyed the show together. we could even hold a semi-normal conversation without shouting all night over the noise! then, we even decided to cut out before the encore so we wouldn't have to fight traffic! brilliant :)
i'm telling you, "old folks style" is the only way to go.

the next day we had awesome brunch and did something we almost never do - we went to the mall! we drove out to lenox mall and spent the day browsing around. p was SUCH good sport - he never once complained about my dragging him in store after store in search of the perfect ankle boots - a search which i abandoned when i realized i have a pair already that get the job done and i didn't find any that just blew my mind away at a reasonable price.

i DID however find 2 pair of amazing 70's style high-waisted bell bottoms in madewell ON SALE FOR $30 each - one dark denim with little pockets up high on the front and one light denim! SCORE! i can't wait to do a post in full 70's glory! they remind me of these that katie holmes rocked back in the summer - YAY!!!


S of Modern-Guilt said...

can't wait to see the jeans on you, I'm sure you look beyond spectacular in them! and congrats on the sale find!!!
sounds like a great night that you and P had.

buoy said...

ok, this cracked me up because it was SO EXACTLY how mike and i experienced minus the bear - and most other shows - "old folk style."

(and yeah, the minus the bear crowds do seem to be getting AWFUL... lots of 15-year-old-girls singing along to each other, while taking myspace-esque pictures and shrieking together. and lots of drunk college boys.) pretty much all-around ew.
i heard that pinback was also becoming this way, although i haven't seen them in years...

i remember when i used to have fun at shows.
what's happening to me?!?!