Friday, November 28, 2008

too bad, so sad!

i have a deep and unmovable love for natalia vodianova. i am really happy being me... but if i just had to pick someone else to be i would chose her.

that being said, i saw photos of her wearing this crazy be-jeweled headband and hanging with karl lagerfeld and i wanted to:
A) be her
B) wear crazy jewels all over my head too!

so i promptly went out and hot glued big rhinestones to my black headband!

too bad it didn't make me look like her though.... tis probably for the best considering i would never get anything done because i would be too busy staring in the mirror all the time if i had that face and those legs!

(ack! roots!)

i also glued a bunch of vintage buttons to a brown headband and i really like that one too.


Missa said...

Have you seen this Vogue spread of her and her familiy. The photos are heart achingly beautiful!

I should warn you though, looking at these will most definitely lead to you making yourself a headband out of fallen leaves ;)

S of Modern-Guilt said...

Great DIY!
And whatever, I think you're prettier than her, and I'm not even just saying that.

Eyeliah @ said...

Good work - looks great.