Sunday, November 23, 2008

long time, no see

yeah, sorry about the absence. our modem is acting all freaky and once we FINALLY get customer service on the phone and schedule someone to come out it mysteriously corrects itself and we cancel the appointment foolishly thinking it's gonna "stick" this time and then it happens again.... why don't we just keep the appointment you ask? well, cause they only give you a window of when they might stop by and if you aren't home then you're screwed and neither of us has exactly had FIVE HOURS of time to sit around the house waiting to see if the repair guy actually shows up. see?

sunday yoga class was super small but i think i taught one of my better classes (structure and flow-wise) and afterwards p and i shamefully managed to stuff our faces with roughly 40 times the calories we burned in class... **shakes fist in air and cries "damn you, delicious indian food**. this is getting to be a dangerously waist-expanding habit and if it weren't so freakin' good i'd make some vain attempt to at least pretend that i plan on quitting it. pretty soon my blog will be titled "plus-sized pretty"...
and i will also shamefully admit that i went to the mall... and even more shamefully, i went into F21... and most shamefully of all i purchased extremely cheap goods. i am very disappointed in myself but very excited about said "cheap goods"... black sequined hoodie, hair bows, mustard tights... i will debut them once the shame shower is over. can't we just say i'm helping to stimulate the economy or something? no?.... okay (frowns).

here's what i wore today:

yes, these last few are actually taken in the parking deck of the mall - look, pretty trees!

i felt really good about the look and four random mall-strangers made it a point to tell me to my face that they liked it too! wow! that never happens!

here's what i'm wearing:
knit cap - urban outfitters
plaid scarf - thrifted
brooks bros. button up - thrifted
herve benard blazer - thrifted
express skirt - thrifted
"betsy johnson inspired" layered necklace - made by me
stockings - DKNY
studded heels - newport news
black knit bag- thrifted


S of Modern-Guilt said...

You seriously look like the coolest, most fashionable collegiate student I've ever seen - I love, love, love everything about this and totally want to try to recreate it now!
I know what you mean about Indian foods binges...when it's really, really good, it's hard not to do that :)
Hope you and P are having the lovliest of days!

P.S. GREAT photos. So pretty.

Eyeliah @ said...

Fabulous accessories make this look really something special. I am big into yoga (if I haven't told you before). It's been atleast 3x/week for 6 months. I don't think I can ever stop. :-)

Chamber Chick said...

'have been missing you on the blog! 'so glad you're back . . . I need my daily fix, you know - Moms are like that. Cute! Cute! Cute! Love to you and P

Cammila said...

I love this, it has an old fashioned feel not just in the pieces, but in the colors.

Missa said...

Gorgeous, you are always so wonderfully put together! Hey, a girl's gotta have her mustard tights, I hear ya! Don't be too hard on yourself, can't wait to see them ;)