Tuesday, January 27, 2009

the opposite of groundbreaking

i got my hair done today and it is supposed to be a bit darker and not so platinum but i can't really tell a difference at all. i tried to make it a bit messy but it ended up looking poofy and much shorter... why won't it GROW already?! 

ah, such is life. the weather is gorgeous (you can make fun of my state being redneck all you like but you just can't beat 70 degrees with a breeze people) and i shouldn't complain. 
here's a thrift store dress that i threw on over my yoga clothes to go down to the park. it's actually about calf-length and rather mumu-ish but i belted it up and made it poofy... like my hair! 

i realize that is impossible but i know that when i wear this dress out for "real" i am going to add lots more of everything: eyeliner, jangles, fur, boots, pout, and attitude. wait for it. 


Eyeliah @ stylesymmetry.com said...

Love all the bracelets, and yes your hair looks the same to me too. I need atleast one dress like this, I don't have any. I really would like some more boho in my style.

Chamber Chick said...

That dress is fabulous - I love it 'poufy' - and I love your hair poufy, too! But then, I love everything about you, you know!

Cindy said...

I am requesting you blog a photoretrospective(?) of your various hair colors and lengths through the years. I have 4 dramatically different-looking Fashion Maven photos in my office alone!

Missa said...

Hehe- I have a similar bohemian fantasy of my own, it involves this editorial :)

Love your dress, that pattern is wonderful and it looks totally cute belted like that with the brown boots!

Thanks so much for your comments and well wishes, I totally appreciate them :) In regards to your inquiries, my shoe size is 8.5 and my birthday is Feb. 8th... haha... that sounds a little like I'm fishing for something, huh? ;)

Hope you are well and your grandma too!

Cammila said...

Oh, I hate it when my hair doesn't turn out how I want it. But if it's any consolation, you still look adorable!