Friday, January 9, 2009


okay, so lily allen hasn't been my absolute favorite but i kind of feel for her as she seems to have had a rather tough time of navigating the trecherous waters of celebrity-dom. what can i say, i'm empathetic! i felt bad for kelly osbourne too- it must be hard to have your every fault and mis-step of youth put on display for the world. 

it seems that lily is "getting it together" though and she is looking and behaving better than ever. if you haven't seen the video for the fear then you can click here to admire her ADORABLE dress and enviable hair. 

i really want that dress. like now. no matter what it costs. 

according to  the uk site of pop sugar it's part of the 2009 Spring/Summer PPQ collection and is currently in production, and will be available for purchase from 1st January for £325.
i think i really like this new, more grown-up, tennis shoe-less lily.

photo courtesy of pop sugar