Friday, January 23, 2009

free bread! what?

p and i have an addiction to french food and thus have become "regulars" at the place around the way. tonight we reached "free baguette" status! FREE BREAD!
i wasn't loving my look (especially my hair) so i am kinda miffed in the first pic but p got me to lighten up and by the last pic i was back to true form!

how, exactly, does one acquire "drunk face" when sober?!
(this is the only way i have booty)
we both decided this is a pretty accurate depiction of my mood tonight. 

ps - these are the other pair of PLV shoes i bought before christmas and they are, all joking aside, some of the most comfortable shoes i own. hearts!


Eyeliah @ said...

Hehe, cute photos!!! My booty does that without aid ;-)
Love the lil blue hair bow.

brooke hansen said...

meg! its your long lost cousin brooke! i'm at your moms visiting with her and your sweet grandmother. Your mom told me about your blog and i wanted to tell you about'm sure you have heard of it but if not they've got some cool vintage pieces you may like! i could spend hours on there! hope all is well and i love the blog!

brooke hansen said...

p.s. i'm totally looking you up next time i'm in bham...maybe you can take me to some of your favorite thrift stores?? that is if you are willing to share your secrets :)