Sunday, January 4, 2009

shoulda, woulda, coulda

well, i spent all day yesterday sewing a new babydoll dress and whata ya' think i did? wore it to dinner last night and didn't take a single photo and then wore a different dress today and DID take a photo! i'm a mystery, folks....

as part of my sew-a-thon yesterday i not only made a new dress but finally got around to hemming multiple dresses to dangerously short lengths - a project i've been meaning to do for months now. see, i've come across a new blog (new to me anyway) that has re-ignited my desire to make 2009 the year of super short 60's inspired dresses and daring cat eyes:

check out i'm not antisocial to see what i'm talking about - you won't be sorry! she's awesome. 

so here is one of the thrift store dresses that was originally a mid-calf, very pentecostal look that i guess i completely made ungodly by shortening the hem line as i did.... 

(but after reading this i am confused because it would seem that now i am more womanly and less manly and therefore doing right by the word of god....??? i've always been fascinated by the way pentecostal women dress and i always catch myself staring at them in the fabric store as they carefully pick out their patterns and fabrics.)
hrmmm - i dunno. i just like showing of my hot legs and bright tights. i don't think that makes me such a bad person. 


Anonymous said...

yowza! you are a talented lady, i love this dress. please open an online store, i'll be your first customer.


Eyeliah @ said...

Great work, I need to set my sights on a dress project.

Missa said...

Love this dress, it's such a pretty floral and the post-pentecostal length is perfection! Perfect with the blue tights too :)

buoy said...

we were given sewing machines, scissors, dresses that needed to be shortened and hot legs for a reason.
i high-five you for your effort!

also, that blog is AMAZING. i can't believe i haven't stumbled on it sooner.