Wednesday, January 7, 2009

slow learner

i feel like the more time i spend looking around at fashion blogs the more A-MAZING ones i find... this is exciting and daunting. i think i spend more time online these days than i do conversing with the other human in this apartment - he may not dress as well, or look as pretty, but he does rub my feet and they don't. maybe i need to prioritize. 
lately i am obsessed with thecherryblossomgirl and betty. i can just look at them forever! i feel like i am learning more and more about how to put together interesting and varied looks just by watching what they do. 
for instance, i think i'm too matchy-matchy. i still put black accessories with black accessories and brown with brown and grey with grey. but in looking at betty's blog, i see how much more interesting it is to mix it up... she'll wear black tights, with grey boots, with a brown bag and a navy scarf.... and it's so much more for the eye to take in - in the best way! 

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