Friday, January 9, 2009

i think my brain went down the drain

i just took a super hot bath and it not only melted my stress away but it apparently melted ALL of my thoughts away. here's an outfit for you to gander:

you can click all photos to enlarge

ps - i just looked up the word "gander" to insure i was using it properly and was re-reminded that it means  "male goose". how do you think that happens? a word means "male goose" and then one day becomes slang for "gaze"? weird huh?

knit hat - H&M
vintage blouse - thrifted
bow pin - thrifted
jumper - made by me
chevron tights - UO
shoes - steve madden


Eyeliah @ said...

I love looking into slang origins. It's always so funny. To keep up with the Jones', take a gander and dress to the nines.

Missa said...

I LOVE that blouse, the colors in the print are amazing!

buoy said...

i absolutely adore that jumper.
did you draft the pattern yourself?
have you ever considered selling some of the cute things you make on etsy?
if you haven't, you really should :)

white lightning said...

oh la la i love the shoes. and the jumper, i cant beleive you made it, sickness!